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Amish Friendship Bread: Blessing or curse?

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When somebody gives you a bag of that Amish friendship bread starter, do you feel thrilled or nonplussed?<br><br>
It feels like a chainmail scheme to me. If I don't make the bread, let the batter die, and fail to pass on some starter to a new person, then I'll die a horrible death, or crops will be blighted.<br><br>
I worked with a lady who made lots of this bread. She added EVERYTHING to it, even canned fruit cocktail and marshmallows.<br><br>
I'll go with the "curse" option, but I'm open to new perspectives.
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LOL! A curse I think. The first time I got a bag of that I was so thrilled. I was new to cooking and new to the job. (r'ved it from a coworker)<br>
Unfortunately, I got it 2 days before a road trip. I actually took it with me across country, but threw it away when we realized we'd be camping in the middle of the Smoky's when it was time to bake it. (I thought we might be at my husband's parents).<br>
It does make a tasty bread, but there are plenty of recipes on the internet that tell how to make the starter....You can share the finished product with friends instead.
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