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Amish Friendship Bread: Blessing or curse?

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When somebody gives you a bag of that Amish friendship bread starter, do you feel thrilled or nonplussed?<br><br>
It feels like a chainmail scheme to me. If I don't make the bread, let the batter die, and fail to pass on some starter to a new person, then I'll die a horrible death, or crops will be blighted.<br><br>
I worked with a lady who made lots of this bread. She added EVERYTHING to it, even canned fruit cocktail and marshmallows.<br><br>
I'll go with the "curse" option, but I'm open to new perspectives.
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Someone gave me a baggie of it once. The recipe she included called for a full cup of veg. oil. I just couldn't do it. Not that I don't eat plenty of fat...I just don't cook that way unless it's a really special occasion. I'm not about to make what I consider an "everyday" bread with that much fat in it.
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