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Airplane Flight the day after an Ultra- Should I be concerned?

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<p>I am doing the Crooms Fool Run 50 miler in a few weeks.  It will be just my second ultra and I am hoping to do much better than last year.  I finished last year but was wrecked afterward.</p>
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<p>Due to things out of my control  I have to fly for work from Orlando to Nashville the following day.  I have heard you shouldn't ride in a car for long periods after a race and some other things like that.  But I am not sure if those are just wives tales meant to scare you or actually based in some fact.  Anyways sitting in a plane at high altitude already didn't sound good to me. </p>
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<p>Then I read the story of the guy (and man I should remember his name) that died the day after completing Hardrock.  So needless to say I am a little freaked now.  I am just completing a flat 50 miler as opposed to Hardrock so there is probably no comparison.  I read he had some other factors such as a history of high blood pressure and things.  I am 36 and in great shape with no extenuating factors so I guess I am over worrying about this.  But I wanted to ask the question:</p>
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<p>Does anyone fly the day after an ultra? </p>
<p>Is this even something to worry about?  Should I take any precautions?</p>
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<p>Thanks for the advice as I am sure many of the experts on this blog have traveled the day after a big race.</p>
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If you're THAT paranoid i suggest not even running the 50 miles...<br><br>
In 2009 i ran 100 miles and then hopped on a plane some 4 hours later... And the flight was 4 hours long with a layover.<br>
In fact... I've always flown home from a 100 miler rather quickly.<br>
Last year i ran western states,. Then left right for the airport... And flew for an hour flight... This was 4 hours after the race.<br><br>
People do this alllllllllll the time.
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