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Ahoy, me hearties Wednesday Sept 19th

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Aye, had a nice run this mornin' Gar! Twas cool and breezy for my 3 miles on dry land. Dogs ahoy...but first got to get me some salmagundi!
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Sticky means it is sitting at the top of the page. So nobody has to dig for it. I thought the introduction thread was a good idea to make sticky, what do you think?
Yes, the intro thread is a good one to sticky and when we start doing an Intrepid race thread here, that'd be a good one to sticky also.<br><br>
speaking of . . . do we want to start one here yet? Since the majority of us are also still regular CR posters, it might be redundant.
Hally - yes! Good idea. Sticky is good. Did you see the commercial that claims we are what we eat? Picture of a NON godess walking away from the camera with a STICKY bun strategically placed on each side. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><br>
TamsterPIRATINA - Looking at your avatar today, Johnny Depp, imho, is the only one that could play the pirate role in that series of movies. Those movies were so different for me that I enjoyed them more after I had time to reflect on them than when I first saw them. I also liked him in Seeking Neverland. I did not like the chocolate factory however.<br><br>
i like the name KS - so made a little change and promptly changed my siggy for the day! Thanks.<br><br>
I LOVELOVELOVE the Pirate movies. My son has the first two and i've seen them several times. I agree that only Johnny Depp could do that role. The more I watch those movies and pay attention to so much else that is going on during a scene, the more appreciation I have for the sheer brilliance - in acting, choreography and production - of these movies.
Ksrunr, I didn't particularly like the chocolate factory movie either despite that being a favorite book of mine as a child. Give me Gene Wilder any day. But Johnny does light it up as a swaggering swashbuckler!
Choovie - 1. you aren't as active on the threads as you used to be.<br>
2. I taught Depp how to swashbuckle!!<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Cool"><br><br>
Aaaarrr... let's see your swagger Cap'n Ksrunr! I've been a bit spotty on the boards due to real life getting in the way. I'm hoping to start being more consistent again. You guys are such a delight to me!
Ahoy Maties! It appears some scalawag filled my peg leg with lead today. Slow 5 miler this evening. Another beautiful night in CT.<br><br>
Time for some Chips Ahoy to help celebrate the day <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
Argggh, avast ye scurvy dogs and comely wenches.... took the skiff ashore, lubbers, and did 10 miles in the forest swilling grog all day arggghh<br>
no pain in the peglegs at all argggh<br><br>
choovie, ya wench, yer comely features are a welcome sight again.... arggghhh<br><br><br>
[pirate on]<br>
Aye ye mates.<br>
Glad ye 'as found ye way back to us choov.<br>
[/pirate off]<br><br>
Felt better than expected this AM after PM hard run.<br>
Still worked pushed me to an evening stroll, but didn't need a light.<br>
2 mile pre-warmup walk with DW<br>
4 miles to the confluence trestle.<br>
No garmin, just tunes. Probably ran my heart alittle too fast but<br>
not "irrationally exuberant"<br>
stretch and half mile walk home.<br><br>
good day all,<br>
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Ahoy mateys. It be a 2 mile walk during lunch followed by 3 easy miles after the sun past the yardarm (is that pirate?) ARRR!<br>
Now it's time for some of that grog ye been talkin' about.
Grog all 'round!<br><br>
5.5 on the treadmill. . .
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