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hey all. busy the last couple of days with too many patients requiring too much attention, but that <i>is</i> my job...<br><br><b>quote SS:</b><br><br>
Putting on my dictator beret, if I ruled the land, medical professionals would be treated (if they so wished) like today's "stars" of entertainment and professional sport: get the big bucks, more support, and <b>time off for running</b>. Speaking of which ... how is the running?<br><br><b>endquote SS:</b><br><br>
my running has been off and on. I've missed several planned hard efforts due to work/lack of sleep etc. I'm hoping to get out tomorrow and see where I'm at. Also plan to run another 5K race during the Hartford marathon while DW races her first 1/2M and many Boomers are scooting around Hartford for marathon Pr's!<br><br><br>
I appreciate your thoughts regarding my time off.<br><br>
Be well all!
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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