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Ahoy, me hearties Wednesday Sept 19th

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Aye, had a nice run this mornin' Gar! Twas cool and breezy for my 3 miles on dry land. Dogs ahoy...but first got to get me some salmagundi!
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This is a scheduled rest day for me and actually I feel pretty crappy, like I'm coming down with a cold. Ugh.....I wish I could skip work but today's my "hell" day where I do my volunteer EMT duties from 6am till noon and then work from 12-9pm. Maybe the ambulance will be quiet this morning and we won't be called to any emergencies and I can catch a short nap before I have to work. I'm sure that would help.<br><br>
Susan, popping vitamin C tablets.
Oh no, not pirate day again! Arrrgh.easy 9 yesterday. i finally feel good again after Sunday.<br>
1000 yds swim this morning, 21:45. (38m/M).<br>
......<img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;">..............<a href="http:">aaaaaaaarrrrrrr.......YES/////.........Pirate</a> Day Again...........<br><br>
................over the side wi' ye scurvy-dogs///////<b>The Pirates Have Got the Ship//////</b><br><br> running today........just like talking like a pirate........
Shiver me timbers Pro, Yarr, it be Pirate day again.<br><br>
I did Spin class with a new to me instructor last night. Good class but getting done with a workout at 8:30 is way too late for me. Didn't get to bed till 11.<br><br>
Meanwhile I am so proud of myself, I made a sticky thread. All y'all think that's a good idea to make the intro thread sticky?<br><br>
"phew" that was hard work I think I need a few swigs off the bottle of rum now.<br><br>
Aye Maties....... stay off ye planks less you be shark eaten<br><br>
Salty Dog an I roamed the lands for treasure this fine morn. After 6 mi we found none. The hunt continued in the seas and after 50 minutes of running through the water in search of booty, still no luck..... arrrg<br><br>
[I had planned an 11 mile m-LR today but since the foot was sore yesterday, I broke it up into 6 mi easy on land (AHR 144) and 50 min GA effort water running in the pool (AHR141). Foot was hardly sore after so that was a good decision!]<br><br>
Pirate Steve
Good luck with Plan 2, Labduck, ya lily livered scallywag!<br><br>
Fine runs there, Marie, Susan, Cigar, ya scurvy dogs who ortin' t' be keel hauled!<br><br>
Aye, hally, ye be a fine moderator, ya horn swagglin' landlubber!<br><br>
Good thinking, sea dog Steve!<br><br>
54 F<br>
9 miles with 6x800<br><br>
The goal was to run the 800s at 3:15. The ugly reality was 3:18, 3:15, 3:20, 3:21, 3:24, 3:26. Ya win some, ya lose some.
Be careful you pirates; the British are still looking for ya.<br><br>
Hally - educate me. What is a sticky thread and how does it work?<br><br>
In keeping with the pirate theme my run this morning was more like a swim in the humidities. 5.75 @ 8:15 or so avg pace. So sticky this morning my garmin lost about .2 of a mile somewhere.<br><br>
sticky thread... is that the same as silly string?<br><br>
Labduck... Your Plan 2 is very interesting and similar in many ways to the approach I took with imobilization of the foot in an AirCast, treating the injury just like a sprain. You don't stretch a sprain, you let it heal. Same thing with PF, whether overuse or traumatic causes. My curiosity is will one week be enough healing time? I had the boot on for more than a month. I thought the facia is a slow healer or is it that people just keep re-injuring the repairs by not imobilizing the region?... Interesting.. I'm rooting for ya <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="hello1"><br><br>
Perch, I think you hit it on the head when you said that people just keep re-injuring the PF repairs by not immobilizing the region. That's exactly what I was doing. I am curious too whether one week will be enough healing time. The podiatrist was encouraged by the fact that I have not run in four weeks, so I think that is factored significantly into his prognosis. Arrrrrrr......!
In honor of "talk like a Pirate day", may I offer this for your information?<br><br>
grog (grog) noun<br><br>
1. An alcoholic drink, especially rum diluted with water.<br><br>
2. Any strong alcoholic drink.<br><br>
[After Old Grog, nickname of Admiral Edward Vernon (1684-1757), who ordered<br>
diluted rum to be served to his sailors. The admiral earned the nickname from<br>
his habit of wearing a grogram cloak. Grogram is a coarse fabric of silk,<br>
wool, mohair, or a blend of them. The word grogram is from French gros grain<br>
(large grain or texture).]<br><br>
Did you scurvy dogs notice the Recipes forum? It's a sub-forum of the Water Stop. Or you can <a href="" target="_blank">follow this link</a>. So far, Grizzly's having all the fun.
Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum...<br><br>
Millbot, you sure run early in the mornings! Careful or you will be giving that Beer family a run for their money!
hey all. busy the last couple of days with too many patients requiring too much attention, but that <i>is</i> my job...<br><br><b>quote SS:</b><br><br>
Putting on my dictator beret, if I ruled the land, medical professionals would be treated (if they so wished) like today's "stars" of entertainment and professional sport: get the big bucks, more support, and <b>time off for running</b>. Speaking of which ... how is the running?<br><br><b>endquote SS:</b><br><br>
my running has been off and on. I've missed several planned hard efforts due to work/lack of sleep etc. I'm hoping to get out tomorrow and see where I'm at. Also plan to run another 5K race during the Hartford marathon while DW races her first 1/2M and many Boomers are scooting around Hartford for marathon Pr's!<br><br><br>
I appreciate your thoughts regarding my time off.<br><br>
Be well all!
Yes, I noticed Grizzly's an icon of culinary perfection! I'm going to have to try some of those recipes.<br><br>
(That's not exactly pirate speak, but I be from a different time, arrrr).
This comely wench is checkin' in on all ye scallywags!! I be havin' a long tide o' work an' then will go runnin' later today The peg legs be gettin' restless!
ARRRRRRR, arrrrr we talking pirates or recipes, ya Salty Chocolate Dogs?<br><br>
As I cut my arrrrr gums on Cap'n Crunch, these arrrrrrr the stats:<br><br>
8x200m hills (should be 6, but it's aye beautiful day and I love this w/o)<br><br>
Motion Based tells me avg ascent grade 6.2, max 13.9. Go figgurrrrrrr. w/u and c/d = 4.2 miles<br><br>
Arrrr, dontcha just love a man in eyeliner and lace?<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;">
.er, I mean Aaaaarrrrrrr........
oh, how I wish I could make inappropriate comments about that Capt. Jack! {swoon}
I spliced the mainbrace and walked the plank to the gym, and did a 4K run on the dreadmill in 19:12 - Tempo'd<br><br>
L - Now for some Grog
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