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Ahh help dryer not drying

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Yeah, so I turn it on, and the clothes still come out damp! I've run 2 automatic energy saver cycles and one high heat cycle for 60 minutes...nothing. Vent's clean, filters are clean, connectors are fine. Aaagh! Got two piles of wet clothes and nowhere to put them!
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Well fantastic. And it's a new dryer, too <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
Not really sure what's going on...I went outside and there's air coming out of the vent, and it doesn't seem clogged or anything. DH went downstairs and says it seems to be warming up, but then at the end of the cycle everything's still damp.<br><br>
Florida---the dryer came with the house, but I think I have documentation...
I think my husband just fiddled around with it---maybe that's helping it.<br><br>
maccabeth: :p heheh<br><br>
And alls I wanted to do was get in bed with a glass of wine, my knitting, and a WWI documentary. Because I already spent the last 2 hours with a glass of wine, my knitting, and a Jude Law flick. my husband pulled something out of the tube/melting to the first glance, it looked like a dead bird!!! Then I realized that my cats are indoor 100%. It was half a stuffed animal that we seemed to have inherited from the previous owners.<br><br>
They did a spotless job cleaning the house before leaving, but every once in awhile, we find a toddler-sized sock or some other remnant.
You rock---if removing the weird stuffed animal thing doesn't fix it, that's what I'll do. I was really intimidated by the idea of trying to figure out a large appliance. (I haven't had a washer, dryer, or dishwasher in 7 years before moving into this house!)
1 - 7 of 29 Posts
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