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After the confusion in several of the Dinner Threads as to what we were all eating I got to thinking and put a few <i>Translations</i> together<br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>My Words Your Words</b></span><br>
Rocket Arugula<br>
Swede Rutabaga<br>
Treacle Mollasses<br>
Aubergine Egg Plant<br>
Mangetout Snow Peas<br>
Sweets Candies<br>
Spring Roll Egg Roll<br>
Mince Ground Beef<br>
Jam Jelly<br>
Jelly Jell-O<br>
Bucks Fizz Mimosa<br>
Beetroot Beets<br>
Bap Burger Bun<br>
Bun Muffin<br>
CandyFloss Cotton Candy<br>
Biscuits Cookies<br>
Scones Biscuits<br>
Banger Sausage Links<br>
Butty Sandwich<br>
Chips Fries<br>
Crisps Chips<br>
Jacket Potato Baked Potato<br>
Fairy Cake Cup Cake<br>
Doner Kebab Gyro<br>
Coriander Cilantro<br>
Corgette Zucchini<br>
Cornflour Corn Starch<br>
Rump Steak Sirloin Steak<br>
Sirloin Steak Porterhouse Steak<br>
Runner Beans String Beans<br><br>
These are obviously all food related words<br><br>
And I am not even going near the translation of your <i>Fanny</i> <img alt="blush.gif" src=""><br><br>

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In my last job I worked with a guy who had some pretty fun expressions... Always talked about projects going "tits up" and used all these stupid Cockney rhymes that never actually rhymed 'cuz half of it's usually left out!! (As in "just down the frog" which means "just down the road" because "frog and toad" rhymes with "road" but the "and toad" part is optional!!?!?!??!?)<br><br>
Why can't you guys just speak English!?!?

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I always thought a doner kebab was Turkish, a gyro Greek....<br><br>
Also, are digestives just then a specific type of I mean biscuit?<br><br>
And just for the sake of saying it...<br><br>

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*We're in Barney" rubble. trouble. I imagine that's even a foreign language w/ in a language<br><br>
Most of my English to English translation comes from my great love of Guy Richie movies...or Coupling on BBC<br><br>
I'm still confused as to what you ate Monday (I think it was) something to the effect of Haggis Nads & tatties???

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Yes ... more crumbly than crunchy, and sort of wheaty/dense. I presume good for your digestive system... Not overly sweet, either ... They go pretty well with cheese.<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;">

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Chip Butty - food of champions but the chips have to be big fat chips with salt and vinegar - the bread has to be white bread - none of this namby pamby brown(Wholewheat) bread and smothered in Brown sauce or Ketchup<br><br><br>
Beans and toast are a great source of both carbs and protein - great as a post workout food

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Haggis neeps and tatties<br><br>
Traditional Scottish meal for Burns night<br><br>
Haggis is various bits of dead sheep (Kidneys liver heart etc ) mixed up with herbs and oats and stuffed into the sheeps stomach and then boiled<br><br>
Neeps are same as Rutabaga a<br><br>
and Tatties are Potatoes<br><br>
- Sound appetising doesnt it ???????

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Huh? What are any of these? Where is the gap? Is it Bucks Fizz or Fizz Mimosa?<br><br>
CandyFloss = Fairy Floss<br><br>
American biscuits are the same as scones? Who knew?!<br><br>
And cilantro is coriander? Never knew that either!<br><br>
Fanny should not be used in polite company!!<br><br>
Ella <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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