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Advice for masters runners

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The other day someone pointed me to the following post from Coach C on<br><br>
To me this advice rang true, even though I am not a speedster of the sort the coach is talking about.<br><br>
I couldn't find an article with the right title, but I think this is the article the coach was referring to:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
What other advice would you give to masters runners?<br><br>
Speaking of advice, how is the <i>Women Masters Training Manual</i> coming along? I think it is such a cool idea, and you ladies are a perfect group to get it going.
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I've never tried an ice bath . . . . it just sounds so, so cold! I'm more of a hottub gal myself.<br><br>
Of course, the longest run I've ever done is 15 miles, so I don't imagine that 15 miles requires or necessitates an ice bath. Maybe once I get up closer to 20 milers I'll try that out.
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