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K' - I've registered us at and have placed their banner on our front page. We'll see how that goes. I think there's a section there on what you've discussed regarding book reviews, etc. I'll read further on that and will let you know how to set it up.<br><br>
I've also emailed New Balance to see if I can get them to do a dedicated banner as a sponsor for our website. We have one spot on the forum area where I'd be willing to put an ad - the upper right hand corner opposite our logo. I don't want to put an affiliate advertisement here - because I can't control what shows up there. I've offered this spot to New Balance. I don't know if they'll even respond - but I'll let you know.<br><br>
Finally, I've submitted a request to promote the RoadID product. They personally review each site before approval. I see no issue with them approving us. If New Balance doesn't bite at our sponsorship, perhaps - I'll put their adlink in the top right spot.<br><br><br>
Let me know what else you guys come up with. I would like to do the merchandising and will look at that closer.<br><br>
I'm not ready to put up a 'paypal donate' button yet - nor am I ready to start charging (even a modest amount) for membership of any level - YET. Once the premium log is completed, we may look at this further.<br><br>
As much as I appreciate everyones willingness to 'chip in'.. I want to make sure it's done properly and if we can find a way to generate it in other means, then let's pursue these options first.<br><br><br>
I've not had the opportunity to thank each of you for what you do to keep this place going. There is absolutely no way this site would be anything near what it's grown to become without YOUR dedication and time investment - I only write the check; you guys are the real heart and soul of this place.<br><br><br>
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!<br><br><br>
With absolute regards and deep appreciation,<br><br>

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Ask Jeff Galloway if he wants to pay for a forum here <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> Isn't that what he did at CR?
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