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Adventure Racing

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Anyone in here ever do any adventure races or familiar with this series of races?<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
I'm thinking of doing the first one in April with some friends, and am looking for some advice or input from anyone who's done one before we commit to this race.
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Do it! Do it! Do it!<br><br>
I love them but haven't done the serious ones. There is quite a difference between levels of difficulty.<br><br>
KJ did a couple of the more orienteering type. But I think she got lost alot. lol. military training and all.<br><br>
Like I said level of difficulty plays a big factor so just be looking at how hard they rate the course. Usually they will say something to the effect of all level mountain bikers or serious skills required. Same goes for kayak skills.<br><br><b>I'm curious whether the 5 miles of "running, trekking, orienteering" will be tough on people who don't run</b><br><br>
like Tithers said, you wouldn't want to be running w/ the big boys if you can't keep up. But if it's something you & friends want to do for fun... and you have a few months to work on whoevers weak spots...<br>
I tried a sprint distance with some hard core from work and they were all "go, go" it was no fun. I did a sprint distance city type with the gym rats. Beer came out of somebody's backback and we had the best time.<br>
They are really hard to find in my area but Tribob sent me a great link I used last year (I lost it when we upgraded the comp.)
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Rachel did a version too I think. She was talking about riding her bike thru waist deep mud. Do you know what happened to her when we got LIT?
hm. Linds tends to dissapear. Mel E! is going through some things last I heard from her. KJ disappeared into basic training or wherever they shipped her.<br>
Haven't seen Mag. although she prob. changed her username. Haven't seen Rachel either.<br>
I hate getting LIT . stupid Active<br><br>
I'm glad you found me here(MS). Hobey has a saying that escapes me at the moment..something about this group sucking you in. She says it much better. So I just tied my life raft to LRR and let him pull me wherever they went.
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