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<p>Hi guys - the ads will be turned off shortly for subscribers - but they can go in and 'disable them'  - here's the 'verbatim' email for Cristina, at huddler</p>
<hr><p>Hi Rich,<br><br>
The permission setting has been applied.  Folks who are in the Sponsors, Sponsors_Covert, and Moderators groups can now disable ads by doing the following:</p>
<ol><li>Navigate to My Profile</li>
<li>Click "Edit Account Details"</li>
<li>Check the box to disable advertisements</li>
We'll run a script to automatically set this for folks in the Sponsors and Sponsors_Covert groups shortly but in the meantime, if there are some folks who want ads off as soon as possible, they can switch them off easily.<br><br>
We'll be keeping a close eye on the forums over the next week but feel free to email myself and Kyle with any specific threads you have questions about.<br><br>
Thanks,<br><span style="color:#888888;">Cristina</span></p>
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<p>I'd suggest you put a thread in there for 'migration' issues etc... so we can keep them in one area easy to find.</p>
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