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We're still looking for the first version to be ready within the next month. Our goal was to have the basic runners log up by the summers end. In order to meet that commitment, we've actually contracted out the build.<br><br>
What to expect: Within the next four weeks (Barring any more delays because of hackers), we should have the basic (free) log ready for beta testing. Members of the Board ranked users will have the first chance to beta test.<br><br>
Once we get the sign off from them that its working as expected, the basic log will then be available for all members.<br><br><b>Premium Exercise Log:</b> Hopefully by the first of the year, we'll be offering a premium log. The features and functions of the premium log are still in the works; as it gets developed we'll keep you informed. There will be an annual fee for the Premium Log; but you'll be able to use 'referral' points as 'cash' to get the premium log either at a discount or free - depending on how many referrals you bring in.<br><br>
Stay tuned for more information going forward.<br><br><br>
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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