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<p>Can someone tell me the "real world" differences between the adidas adizero Boston 2, Marathon 10, and Tempo 2?</p>
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<p>From what it seems, they are all very similar in that they are light-weight trainers that can also be used for racing longer distances (such as up to half and full marathons). I have tried on the Tempo's, and I love the fit and feel and bounce and, well, everything about them, especially since I tend to like a little cushion in my shoes, including the light-weight trainer/racers. And I am considering buying a pair, but the colors in both the Boston and Marathon shoes are far more appealing. Unfortunately I was not able to try either the Boston or Marathon on.</p>
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<p>My take is that the Tempo has more stability, and you can feel it, whereas the Boston is more for nuetral runners and can be more squishy. I'm just looking for any input on any of these shoes, and prefereably from someone who knows adidas shoes. And if you are an expert, feel free to also talk about the Oregon, another good looking shoe. I used to run primarily in adidas (but not racing/light weight shoes); I went away in the last few years due to sponsorship with Saucony, but now that is over I am looking to get back to what my feet feel most comfortable in for racing marathons (and, of course, shorter distances).</p>
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