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Actions that don't hurt today...

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May really hurt tomorrow!<br><br>
It is official, I'm an old man. Yesterday was the 2nd wrestling practice of the year for the freestyle program I help out with. I'm not fully up to speed yet (read: I'm old an out of wrestling shape) so I was staying out of live wrestling, preferring to walk around and offer advice and pointers. Then one of the groups came up short a wrestler and I filled the gap. In a perfect world for me this would have been a group of less experienced wrestlers or guys that were a little smaller than me, thus allowing me to cruise a little bit and work off the rust, but no. This was a group of state placers and state champs that were all as big or bigger than me. I had to bring the A game...or whats left of it. I did alright to start out, wrestling to a stand still with my first opponent. My second, however, is a two-time state champ that probably has 15-20 pounds on me at the moment. After a lot of defense from me, he ended up on the mat with my left ankle in a firm grasp. I hit the only move that made sense, flexing my knee sideways while throwing myself back in his direction to go around and get the takedown. I was pleased that the move not only worked, but I didn't feel any pain or discomfort in the knee.<br><br>
Until this morning. Jeebus! I'm a limping old-man!
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Too old and no longer <i>Huge</i>. tsk tsk tsk, oh well cheer up, you could out wrestle me! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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