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Accurate Scales

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Any recommendations on accurate scales .... I have tried a few ... but over time they tend to become unreliable <img alt="sad.gif" src=""><br><br>
My purpose is two fold .... tracking during training .... and tracking for my military PT evaluation ..... any ideas??
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You know, I bet any old bathroom scale is close enough, as they say, for government work.<br><br>
I spent a few extra bucks for a Tanita body-fat monitoring scale a while back. I figured that the body-fat monitoring technology was probably pretty iffy, given your body's changes in water levels, electrolytes, but would give me a ballpark figure to consider. Weighing myself at different times of day showed such a dramatic range of weight numbers that it really impressed upon me that it's all ballpark numbers anyway. Then I noticed that different places in the room gave me different weights, too...<br><br>
My advice- Take it to the gym and compare it to the big scale they usually have in the locker room. Adjust accordingly. Then, take everything it tells you with a grain of salt anyway.
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