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A Novel Run 5K

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TOday was just a non-serious race for me. The start line was only 15 minutes from my house so of course I had to run it. It was a decent turnout. I am guessing about 300 people total. It is June in Florida so even with an 8 AM start it was pretty warm and humid. I am guessing about 75 - 80 degrees and sunny. I was just trying to run solid splits and maybe get lucky with such a small field I could catch an AG award.<br><br>
Mile 1: 1.00 in 6:57<br>
Mile 2: 1.00 in 7:23<br>
Mile 3: 1.01 in 7:31<br>
Finish: .11 in :45<br>
Total: 3.13 in 22:37.<br><br>
I was sort of happy with my time. I really thought I had kept a more even pace on mile 3. I didn't think I had dropped off at all. I guess I need to look at my garmin more instead of trying to trust how I feel.<br><br>
I ended up in 5th place in my age group. I am not sure how many were in my age group overall.<br><br>
Have a great day everyone.
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I'd say go with your gut over Garmin anyday. I've heard lots of stories where in some goal race the handy dandy Forerunner has died or got bad reception and it's useless. Your body is a great thing to be able to listen to. When my runs get mind numbingly boring, I'll leave the watch at the house and start it and try to run a certain pace. Doing things like that really help you get the feel of how hard your body is working and sorts of stuff like that.<br><br>
Well enough of my gibberish...nice job today!
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