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A Novel Run 5K

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TOday was just a non-serious race for me. The start line was only 15 minutes from my house so of course I had to run it. It was a decent turnout. I am guessing about 300 people total. It is June in Florida so even with an 8 AM start it was pretty warm and humid. I am guessing about 75 - 80 degrees and sunny. I was just trying to run solid splits and maybe get lucky with such a small field I could catch an AG award.<br><br>
Mile 1: 1.00 in 6:57<br>
Mile 2: 1.00 in 7:23<br>
Mile 3: 1.01 in 7:31<br>
Finish: .11 in :45<br>
Total: 3.13 in 22:37.<br><br>
I was sort of happy with my time. I really thought I had kept a more even pace on mile 3. I didn't think I had dropped off at all. I guess I need to look at my garmin more instead of trying to trust how I feel.<br><br>
I ended up in 5th place in my age group. I am not sure how many were in my age group overall.<br><br>
Have a great day everyone.
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Nice run and report. I can imagine the humidity in Jax at that hour.
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