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A New PR!!!

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Not me! My daughter! The Western Invitational meet was held today in London, Ontario. About 140 women were entered for a tough 5k course with several very steep and long hills. A lot of the senior girls from all universities were entered in this event, unlike last week, when it was mostly first and second year runners. The winner from last week, Lindsay Carson was not entered. I suspect the coach is getting her ready to compete at Stanford next weekend when 10 of the team members will fly West for an international competition.<br><br>
Seems like the coaches don't spend a lot of time talking race strategy with their runners; preferring instead to let them go as they see fit and live or die by the results. So I advised Jen to find someone from her team just a little bit faster than her and ride on her coattails for the first half of the race and then decide whether to hang on or kick in the jets for a good finish. She picked a senior who had run 19:45 on the same course last year and stayed with her for the first half but then felt good enough to pull ahead and finish strongly with a 19:14. She was 22nd of about 140 runners and 7th on her team, so her results don't count as they only took the top 5. But her team was first again, in spite of their best runner being on the sidelines. This is a new PR for 5k, after running a 21:4X last October, and a tepid 20:4x on Aug 26. This was XC running as well, so much tougher than road racing.<br><br>
If she is not picked to go to Stanford next week (doubtful due to her age (17) and inexperience) she will run the Timmins Gold Rush race during the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend on Oct 8. Her goal will be first female and sub 18 minutes if she feels good. That will be a course record if she does it.<br><br>
I think the following week is a meet at Penn State, and the entire team is going, so Jen will see some really good runners at that one. It would be nice to finish in the top half....<br><br>
Meanwhile, the REAL reason she is in Guelph was on display this week, as she managed 100% on her first university quiz. It was a calculus class so while her running talent comes from her mother, her science talent seems to come from the other half!!
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Congrats on having a daughter who is both speedy and highly intelligent! Hope she kicks butt Oct. 8th! she hot?<br><br><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink">
<span style="font-size:300%;">1</span><br>
(I was going to say smart and fast, but Nettie's wording is a lot better)<br><br>
Congrats to your daughter - and you both definitely have reason to be proud. Hope she does well at her next meet, whether it be Stanford or Timmins.
She will be part of the team heading to Stanford for a meet next Sat.<br><br>
I tried to upload a pic but it failed.<br><a href=""><img alt="LL" src="" style="width:525px;height:394px;"></a>
<b>Congrats to li'l tigger!</b><br><br>
My niece ran 19:08 in HS for XC. She's a soph at Montana State, but declined to go out for XC/Track there so that she would have plenty of time to snowboard. I really miss watching her race, she was really strong late in races.
Sounds like your niece had some talent for running too!<br><br>
I know what you mean. It is a great thrill to see them run, especially when they improve each time out. She has been whipping my butt since she was 11, but has only run seriously for about a year, so has lots of improvement left if she wants to get serious.
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