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A knee question...but different, I think.

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I have been running for years, generally without pain.<br><br>
Since the fall, I have become more serious. I have increased my mileage from 15 to 30 using a HRM to keep me at a nice aerobic pace.<br><br>
During my second week of doing 30, I went ice skating with the kids, then the next day did a 11 miler. Of course after ice skating (i do it once a year) I felt sore...but thought nothing of it. The day after my 11 miler, my knee began to hurt.<br>
Not swollen. It was stiff and hurt to bend and straighten.<br><br>
For the next 3 weeks, I could not run without I took I didn't run. I did the bike with out pain.<br>
During my time off, I didn't have pain, but it felt wierd when I rotated it, or took a long walking stride. When I say wierd, I guess a better word would be loose or rough or weak. I still get twinges on the steps.<br><br>
I ran this weekend, did 6.5. Started with pain, it loosened up a bit, but by the end it hurt again.<br><br>
I did ice and ibu every few hours and have managed my post run pain better, but I still have the stiffness.<br><br>
It sometimes click when I straighten my knee.<br><br>
What do you think?
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Hi Seton!<br><br>
Where on the knee is the pain?
How old are the shoes?
it may be "runner's knee"<br>
here is a good link, with a description, see if that sounds like what you have.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
I had an acute case of ITBS that affected my knee last year, i feel if as long as you remove the stressor that caused the injury (ice skating) that with some rest, and TLC, you should be fine.
i think if you ran pain free for the last three miles of your run, there is nothing torn, but don't quote me on it!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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