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A Good Starter Bike?

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All of you cycling fanatics --<br><br>
I have an opportunity to purchase a new 54cm (my size) 2007 Trek 1000 WSD at a great price ($499). Should I go for it or save for a different bike?<br><br>
I've been thinking that I would like to start biking, but my ancient, rusty 12-speed Huffy mountain bike just isn't cutting it. I would love to be working my way toward a tri in the next two years.<br><br>
On my limited budget, the Trek sounds like a great starter bike for me.<br><br>
Opinions, please?
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I say go for it IF, it really is your size. How tall are you? I am 5'5" and was measured for a 50-51 and I absolutely am in love with my bike.<br>
One other person on this forum was told they were a rather big size too and ended up actually getting a smaller bike. If the bike fits great you will love it.<br>
$499 isn't cheap if you end up with the wrong bike for you.<br><br>
Keep in mind too, it's not just the bike, you need pedals and if you get clip ins you will need shoes. And a helmet and gloves. And a small bag for behind the seat for extra tubes and a multitool and patch kit. And if the seat is uncomfortable, and many of them are you will have to switch that out too.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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