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I was squeezed, smushed, and stuffed into the plane today (with a bunch of people who were displaced by the Delta and American cancellations....boy were they MAD!!), and as we were waiting for the door to open at the end of the flight, I started chatting with the dude sitting in front of me.<br><br>
He's a Delta pilot.<br><br>
We chatted about travel and what not....I mentioned my trip I'm taking this summer.<br><br>
There was another pilot sitting behind us......they were friends.<br>
Pilot 1 asked Pilot 2...."You're a swimmer, right"<br>
yep...he was.<br><br>
Turns out he does tris, along with his wife. They live in the ATL area. Apparently she's afraid to go fast (she's new) he's trying to teach her how to go downhill. She can climb, though....or so he says.<br><br>
who'da thunk that this new activity of mine would open up a "new" type of friendly conversation on a plane.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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