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9-27 weigh in

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<p>SW 241</p>
<p>LW 220.5</p>
<p>CW 220</p>
<p>Week -.5</p>
<p>Total -21</p>
<p> </p>
<p>First week of taper, still totaled 40 miles. Ran a half marathon time trial on the track last night. My last double digit run before my marathon. Thought I had a chance at an all time pr, but 2 days of splitting wood and no carbo load or taper left me a little run down. Ran non stop without any breaks at all. Came in just under 1:43, just under 7:51 pace, missed my all time pr by 26 seconds. There was a time when my all time best single mile was 7:58. I could feel the pr slipping away around mile 8, but my hammy was aching and I decided not to risk it.</p>
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<p>I am happy with the run. There is nothing I can do at this stage to improve for my marathon in 2 weeks, but there is lots I could do to ruin it, so I was smart and played it safe. The problem with the hammy stems from last weeks trail marathon, it isn't injured, just sore, should be good to go on race day. Because of the effort and no refueling I was hungry after the run and chowed down. Quart of gatorade, big mac, etc. I figured I deserved it. Was surprised to see that I still dropped a half pound.</p>
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<p>Good luck everybody.</p>
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