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8.9 Tues

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<p>6.6 ez sweaty miles this morning.   Hope to ride 15-20 miles tonight and then a couple more ez miles running.</p>
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<p>HappyFeat - you are getting sleepy, sleepy. you are getting sleep........................................sweet dreams</p>
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<p>Made me smile with that, KS <span><img alt="love2.gif" src=""></span></p>
<p>Actually it's only 7:15 pm right now, but I'm done with my easy 4 miler and promise to hit the hay sooner than later.</p>
<p>Thanks for the vibes. I actually did get almost 6 hours last night and felt more human today, but will do what I can to get even more tonight.</p>
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<p>TW - it's been an interesting and rewarding comeback. I've learned alot about listening to my body and making adjustments. It was the first time I had to actually stop running for a couple weeks straight -  incomprehensible to me at the time (a diehard compulsive runner) - but was the only way to get the symptoms under control. Then for months I could only run if I ran extremely slow and only every other day. I've had some minor relapses, but I know what to do and not do now. I'm thrilled to be running four and five days in a row now, and finally working on pace and distance. </p>
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