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7.25 A new Monday of a new week

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<p>Nothing yet for me today.  May run tonight after sundown.  Predicting 100 degrees and 109 index today.  Just the way Tom likes it.<br><br>
Nice long run this weekend HappyFeat!</p>
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<p>DW ran 1.3 miles to the pool, swam, and 1.3 miles back this morning to test her leg injury.  Now all I have to do is keep her from jumping back into running all at once.<br><br>
Have resigned myself, I think, to just running my Bar Harbor marathon in Oct as this summer's training just has been brutal and find myself mentally and physically out of racing shape.<br><br>
My trainiing partner ran the tunnel marathon in Washington St. this past weekend in 3:10 and just has had a great time out there.  Plus he won his age group and met some of my virtual friends who live in that part of the pnw.   Seemed to be a lot of pics of him and his dw in wineries and breweries.  :)<br><br>
FO - going to Florida to race or vacation or both?   Have fun.</p>
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<p>What's up kickstars?</p>
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<p>Hi KS!</p>
<p>OK, that's <em>REALLY</em> hot!!!!</p>
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<p>Woke up this morning to a really loud crash of lightning, as a big thunderstorm rolled thru...... for our first rain in about 3 weeks.  And thankfully so, as we had a power failure that knocked out my alarm clock.  Had to check to make sure my 100' spruce trees hadn't been hit.</p>
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<p>I'll RAW...... and do a few TM miles to test out the new shoes.  Have had to take a few pairs back, and made a mistake with the last pair of trail shoes (Mizunos...which made my feet go numb, so are now relegated to short runs only), so want to be sure these ones are right for me.</p>
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<p>eta....... 5 easy miles on the work TM..... had planned on 3, but the new shoes felt so good, I kept going.  Love em, but they may not have a lot of forefoot stability for technical trails.  However, if I'm going to get enough room in the toebox to keep the metatarsals happy, that could be the trade-off I need to make.</p>
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