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7.25 A new Monday of a new week

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<p>Nothing yet for me today.  May run tonight after sundown.  Predicting 100 degrees and 109 index today.  Just the way Tom likes it.<br><br>
Nice long run this weekend HappyFeat!</p>
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<p>DW ran 1.3 miles to the pool, swam, and 1.3 miles back this morning to test her leg injury.  Now all I have to do is keep her from jumping back into running all at once.<br><br>
Have resigned myself, I think, to just running my Bar Harbor marathon in Oct as this summer's training just has been brutal and find myself mentally and physically out of racing shape.<br><br>
My trainiing partner ran the tunnel marathon in Washington St. this past weekend in 3:10 and just has had a great time out there.  Plus he won his age group and met some of my virtual friends who live in that part of the pnw.   Seemed to be a lot of pics of him and his dw in wineries and breweries.  :)<br><br>
FO - going to Florida to race or vacation or both?   Have fun.</p>
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<p>What's up kickstars?</p>
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