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7/16 - 7/17 It's the Weekend! Are we having fun yet?

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<p>Good Morning Masters! Rise and shine!</p>
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<p>woke up this a.m. to the smell of fresh rain and the pavement slightly damp. Didn't know it rained last night but sure smelled good this morning. DH and DS are down in Sacramento for his bday weekend at the races.</p>
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<p>I haven't run yet, but once the puppies chill out and go into mid morning nap mode, then I'll get in a run.</p>
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<p>smart move on volunteering Heme. Did you have fun?  There is a trail this morning that  done the last couple yrs but will miss this wknd. It's 10K and is a lot of fun. sort of bummed to be missing it.<br><br>
Hoping we hear good news from Tom on Pickles' dr appt.<br>
<p>What is everyone up to today?</p>
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<p>Hi Tamster.  We woke up to some wet surfaces this morning as well.  Not good, since I planned to race and high humidity does not agree with me when I'm racing.  Temps were in the mid-to high 70's.  I got to my first race (Iowa Games cross country) in time to register on site,  A little after 7 a.m., we were off on an 8K.  I chatted with the guy I figured woud be my main competition, from about mile 1 to 2.  After that, I kind of ran out of gas.  He ended up first in our AG (60-64) and I got 3rd.  For some reason, I had thought the 4K was first and I'd have time to sit in my air-conditioned car and sip an icy beverage before the second race at 8.  As it turned out, I had only about 10 minutes to hit the porta-potty and change bibs (dry shirt and headband too).  My nemesis from the 8K bailed on the 4K, allowing me to finish 3rd in my AG in that one too.  Two medals in one day--mission accomplished.</p>
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<p>My fitness has suffered due to my slow recovery from a sprained knee, but the knee did its job today so I am optimistic that I can up the weekly mileage.  My goal of a fall marathon or ultra may not come to pass--oh well.</p>
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<p>On Sunday, I indulged in a little "hair of the dog" and ran 7.5 M with running friends who all thought it was hot, hot, hot.  We enjoyed outdoor seeting at a favorite coffee shop afterwards.  Several hours later I am starting to feel hydrated again, set to enjoy some soccer on the telly.</p>
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