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60K looms

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I am registered to run a 60K on March first ultra. I don't care how fast I run it; I just want to finish. I have been running consistently for 8 years probably averaging 30 mpw during that time and have ran 6 marathons including a trail marathon in December. Training was going great until I injured my back the end of December and was forced to ride a stationary bike for 3 weeks with no running. I resumed training last week with a 10 mile long run and I ran 15 miles today. I am now painfree and all is going well. My question is: with only 3 weeks of training remaining with a one week taper, how long should I make my long runs? I ran really slow today...2.5 hours for 15 miles. I don't want to re injure myself and totally miss the run but I don't want to go in totally unprepared. Like I said I don't care about my time. I only want to finish this first one Any advice?
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Hmm, only a one week taper for your first ultra, eh? Personally I would recommend at least two weeks from the time of your longest long run to the day of the race. If you're just coming back to injury, I would also suggest training a bit more cautiously than you normally would. It's better to be a bit unprepared for the race than to start injured, especially if you're not concerned too much with your time.<br><br>
To answer your specific question, I think you could get by with your longest long run being no longer than 4 hours, or 5 hours at the most.
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