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<b>5 K – From starters to finishers</b><br><br>
Five kilometres – It sounds like a long way if you have never run further than to the bus stop! Then again, if you are a veteran of twenty marathons, it can be dismissed as a warm up. But to everyone who aspires to run, it has become a distance that is almost perfect wherever you are on the running scale. It is a perfect distance for the beginner starting off, a target to aim for, something to achieve. It is also a difficult distance to master if you are an experienced runner as it lies between the middle distances of former track days, and the long distance runs that are regular in our calendars.<br><br>
Many have been devotees of the Couch to 5K programme as pioneered by Josh Clarke at Kick!, back in the nineties, and still going strong today. Running magazines regularly put together programmes aimed at the beginner, the speed merchant, and those improving their times, throughout the spectrum. So, here at, we aim to give you the opportunity to start a programme that you can complete, and once completed you will have achieved your goal, whether it be to simply run 5K without stopping, to race your first 5K as a competitor with other runners, or to improve your times as a dedicated runner.<br><br>
I have put together three programmes, a Beginners Schedule aimed specifically at those new to running who want to achieve a realisable target – running 5 Kilometres without stopping. And then continuing on so that they can take part in that 5K race with other runners.<br><br>
The Second Schedule is for those of you who have completed Stage One – the Beginners Schedule, and are now looking to improve from that first race, and finally I have put together a short step up programme for those aiming to break 20 minutes for the distance.<br><br>
It goes without saying that if you are starting off running, you should ensure that you are in a healthy enough state to take up the sport. That doesn’t mean you have to be super fit and capable of running a 4 minute mile before you start, what it does mean is that a trip to your doctor for a check up before you start is no bad thing. It may be that you have played another sport and bring a high degree of overall fitness to running – Be careful, fitness for soccer is totally different to that required for running a 5K. You may be able to think you can jump straight in and run 5K without thinking – You probably can, but you will be sore the next day, and maybe the day after, and you may not run again – it hurts! Take steps, building blocks along the way.<br><br>
If the Beginners Schedule is too easy in Week One, because you already have a certain level of fitness, then start at Week Three, and repeat it a few times, remember the Building Blocks. There is a reason behind the simple tasks. There is no substitute in running, for miles in the legs – it’s a simple equation, you get back what you put in. The one thing to remember is that running should be enjoyed – it’s not a task, it’s a pleasure – Yes, it will hurt a little, as they say, no pain, no gain, but it should be an enjoyable pain – Believe me there is such a thing.<br><br>
If you have any questions regarding the schedules, or need reassuring about your progress, then the fora here on the site can help, use them for your benefit, and if you want to speak to me directly then feel free to drop me a PM (<span style="color:#FF0000;">liam3494</span>)and I'll be glad to help
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