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50Mile to 100K Training?

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Any suggestions for the 50M or 100K training? Where to look for training schedules?<br><br>
Newbie Ultra as of Nov. 07<br><br>
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I typically run a 50K every 2 to 3 weeks... sometimes in a race, other times just point to point runs on the roads. This has been the most helpful part of training I have ever done since I started.<br><br>
I don't typically do back to back long runs... but as the events get closer, I actually do find the time to do them. With my first race coming up in April... I'll start back to backs in February and only do them for about a month with the last set being one month from the race where I run back to back to back long runs (20-30-20).<br><br>
Though you CAN get away with not doing them... doing them HAS made races much more enjoyable for me as I feel more prepared and I have increased leg strength and stamina. The purpose of the back to back long runs is to train your legs to keep turning over on little no no energy.<br><br>
FWIW anyway. Enjoy!<br><br>
By the way... what is a "PURE" ultra-runner? <img alt="confused.gif" src="">
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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