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50K PHUNT Run Anyone?

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It looks like plenty of KickRunners are doing the Team Slug Fattest Butt 50K on 5 January 2008, but . . . there's another FA 50K taking place in the Fair Hill Natural Resources Area here in Cecil County, MD (Elkton) on the same day. It's the PHUNT 50K put on by the Trail Dawgs.<br><br>
I was wondering if anyone else was planning on running the PHUNT. I've never run it before, but I'm going to take advantage of a race right here in my "back yard". Anyone else in?<br><br>
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Dear Wayne;<br>
have them e-mail me, and i will personally advise them to attend the PHUNT race instead; i'm only going to the fattest butt for the naked ladies, coconut-covered pink marshmallows, and free beer.<br>
See ya on da' trails.<br>
...i know exactly what you mean wayne. did a couple of years in atlantic city in the early eighties. i became quite attached to genoa salami, provolone, and warm hard rolls...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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