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Other people can suggest training resources. Kevin Sayres site comes to mind.<br><br>
If you had a lot of muscle cramps, the most likely culprits are Sodium, food, hydration. You can get away with not taking enough of one or more of those in a marathon, but you really need to get it fixed before an ultra.<br><br>
This is not conventional wisdom, but I would be leery of trying to find a training plan for this interval and sticking with it. Much more should go into carefully paying attention to your own personal recovery and training as it allows.<br><br>
If it were me, I would plan that the marathons and long runs will carry over to the 50K. My priorities (but I may be off in the weeds) would be 1) finding the slower pace 2) fuelling/sodium practice 3) time on feet and maybe, just possibly getting a weekend double or two in.<br><br>
Have you thought about doing a 5-8 hour training walk (with possible run breaks) while you're still recovering?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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