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50 Plus April Running and Racing

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<p>Still burnt from Tuesday.</p>
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<p>60 minute warmup, 3 times 200 uphill, my legs were trashed and I bagged the workout.</p>
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<p>Friday- Run 60 min., walk 2 hours and 15 minutes, ice and snow in the forest.</p>
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<p>Month end is always a busy time for me- did some double shifts and running suffered.</p>
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<p>Friday 8.3kms steady pace, Sunday 10.3kms easy, today (Monday) 10.44kms steady pace in warm, humid conditions.</p>
<p>Nice to see geese on the river bank instead of snowmobiles on the ice.</p>
<p>Thanks, Fred, and sorry to hear about the knee.</p>
<p>I seem to have been very lucky for a couple of years now as far as injuries go- hope that lasts!</p>
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<p>Lots of miles for the last several months, KS, I am sure it will pay off on May 1st.</p>
<p>I am thinking of paying a bit more attention to what I eat and drink this year, not for weight but health and general wellbeing.</p>
<p>Nothing dramatic but not as many deserts, not as much coffee, I am hoping this will let me sleep better and feel better.</p>
<p>My weight is around 152lbs so not too bad for 5ft11in, but a little belly fat I would not mind losing.</p>
<p>A little more than eight miles through rolling hills, 1hr 10 mins.</p>
<p>Wonderful day!</p>
<p>Bad cold so no running for me,watched some golf on tv!</p>
<p>Thanks for posting the link, Fred, I enjoyed seeing the warmup and stretching routine he used. But pancakes with no butter or syrup are not very</p>
<p>appealing. Beautiful rhythmic running, I wish I could run like that, even at my pace!</p>
<p>Hope your knee recovers soon.</p>
<p>No runningh for me, I have had fits of coughing that leave me completely breathless and tears in my eyes. I am getting better but about as strong as a moth- and not a big strong moth!</p>
<p>Thanks, Fred!</p>
<p>Those 5k splits are just unreal! And what a great time for Ryan Hall- I guess that ends the speculation about how well he would do after leaving Mahon.</p>
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<p>Pretty encouraging for the US on the ladies side, personally I was hoping for a win for New Zealand, Kim Smith seems a very down-to-earth person and quite humble. I must say I will be looking for post race interviews for the next few days, a great contrast between the low key runners and the sponsor peddling commercialism of, well Nascar, for example.</p>
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<p>Great running Erika, and  nice 10 miler, KS (from the other thread!)</p>
<p>Hope the knee is starting to come around, Fred.</p>
<p>Finally got out today and did 10.4kms or 6.4 miles in 57 minutes, harder than I thought it should be, a lot of nose wiping on my sleeve, but no coughing!</p>
<p>Fantastic race at Boston, men``s and women`s.</p>
<p>Hope you have a great race KS!</p>
<p>Sad news in the paper today- Danny Kassap has died at age 28. He was originally from Congo but came to Canada with a team for the Francophone games in 2001 and stayed behind seeking political asylum. He became a Canadian citizen after a few years and later collapsed from a heart problem in the Berlin Marathon. He had a tough life, was working in a fish and chip shop recently, a shame, I wish things had gone better for him.</p>
<p>Congratulations on a really good time- especially under such tough conditions! Very impressive performance by both of you.</p>
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<p>I have run or cycled 4 of the last 5 days, much better. I hope to get back in shape for my target marathon in November, and in `decent`shape for a  10k on Canada day, July 1st. and a 5k in August. I can see that with all the work I need to do in the yard this summer finding enough time to train properly will be difficult.</p>
<p>I also have to visit my sister in Dartmouth, NS, who is dying of brain cancer, she is getting great support from her husband and kids but of course I want to visit her for a few days.</p>
<p>There certainly have been a lot of runners around town the last couple of weeks- nothing like nice weather to get people out of the gym!</p>
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