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This thread is for those that are at least 40 years old, and runs 40 miles a week. Passes are granted to those who are injured, in a taper, in recovery mode, or for just about anything else that get's in the way of running.<br><br><span style="color:#8B0000;"><b>40x40 for the week: 8 runners topped 40 miles this week.</b></span><br><b>Alan Fletcher</b> - <span style="color:#FF0000;"><b>106.96 miles</b></span>. Simply Not Human.<br><b>Coach Craig -</b> 79 miles, with a 20 miler on a Tuesday and a lot of 2 a days.<br><b>Dennis</b> - 52.6 miles including the ORRRC Half Marathon.<br><b>Paul</b> - 47.9 miles with a weekend 16 miler and a mid week 11.5 mile run.<br><b>Peter -</b> 40.43 miles with a couple 10 milers over some hills.<br><b>SLOjim</b> - 45 miles with a 14 mile long run.<br><b>Wa5yom</b> - 51.5 miles - 10 VO2 max miles. Love that work out.<br><b>Winejunky</b> - what he terms an "ugly 41"

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Dennis, 51.5 miles for last week...<br><br>
Week beginning March 31<br>
Week 3 of Pfitz (modified 24 week/55 mpw) Schedule<br>
Mesocycle 4, Taper and Race<br>
Goal Race - Boston Marathon, April 21, 2008<br>
Weeks to Goal Race - 4<br>
Short Term Goal – Red Bud Classic, 10K, OKC., April 6.<br>
Weeks to short term goal - 1</b><br><br>
E Pace - 9:26 - 11:12 (1-2 minutes slower than MP)<br>
LR pace - 8:26 - 9:12 (110%-120% of MP)<br>
MLR pace - 8:26 - 9:12 (110%-120% of MP)<br>
GA - 9:00 (Getting in the miles)<br>
MP - 7:40 (Based on current VDOT), revised 7:48<br>
Tempo - 7:13 - 7:24 (15K - 1/2 Marathon pace), revised 7:30<br>
VO2Max – 6:46 (5K race pace)<br><br>
Monday Rest – <b>Complete, Rest.</b><br>
Monday Rest – <b>Complete, Rest.</b><br>
Tuesday 8 VO2Max miles + [email protected] pace; jog 90 seconds in between – <b>Complete, 8 GA miles.</b><br>
Wednesday 5 Easy miles – <b>Complete, 5 Recovery miles, it rained and hailed during part of this run, shin is re-aggravated.</b><br>
Thursday Rest – <b>Complete, Rest.</b><br>
Friday 4 Easy with 6X100m strides – <b>Complete, resting my shin.</b><br>
Saturday 8-10K Tune up race – <b>Complete, 16 MLR.</b><br>
Sunday 16 MLR <b>– The Redbud Classic, Oklahoma City</b><br><br>
Weekly Mileage Plan – 39 miles.<br><b>Weekly Mileage Actual – 35 miles</b><br><br>
This week’s goal – Train injury free, so I need to pay special attention to my right shin. Keep the ice coming. Again, I will have to re-arrange my schedule which seems to have been the case throughout this training session. The main goal is to have a solid LR and maybe a MP run at Red Bud.<br><br><b>Weekly Summary – Wednesday, my right shin flared up again and throbbed all evening, not painful, but uncomfortable. So, I decided to skip Friday’s run. Saturday’s MLR was slow and sluggish but considering my shin: slow was a good thing for the body but not the mind. I considered skipping the 10K race on Sunday as I was concerned that I would not be able to hold back. I told myself to run the race slow, but none the less I ran much faster that I would have recommended. It turned into another “almost” all out effort. Luckily my shin feels fine today.</b>

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Planning to keep it under 100 this week.....<br><br>
Plan <b>(Actuals)</b><br>
M: AM 5ez - PM 5ez <b>(AM 6.88m at 7:56 - PM 6.53m at 8:52 )</b><br>
T: AM 7 Tempo, 9 overall - PM 5ez <b>(AM 6m at 6:30, 8.0m overall - PM 4.6m progressive 7:40->6:10->7:30 )</b><br>
W: 7ez <b>(10:08m at 7:49 )</b><br>
T: 13ez w 10xStrides <b>(AM 11.9m at 8:27, PM 9.06m at 8:23 )</b><br>
F: AM 6m Pace, 8 overall - PM 5 ez <b>(AM 7.3m at 8:10, PM skipped )</b><br>
S: AM 6ez - PM 6 ez <b>(AM skipped, PM 7.3 at 8:14 )</b><br>
S: 23 w 5 at M pace <b>(22.4m at 7:34 w 4.5m at 6:43 )</b><br>
Total 92 miles <b>(94.02m )</b>

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I'm putting on a race on Sunday, so my whole week is a mess. I would call this a recovery week, only it isn't likely to be restful at all.<br><br>
Mon - AM 5 ez, PM 5 ez <b>(AM 5 ez, PM 4 ez)</b><br>
Tues - AM 5 ez, PM 9 pace <b>(AM 5 ez, PM 8 pushing measuring wheel)</b><br>
Wed - AM 5 ez, PM 5 ez <b>(AM 5 ez, PM 13.2 at 6:19 pace)</b><br>
Thurs - 17 solid <b>(AM 5 ez, 7:05 pace, PM missed run)</b><br>
Fri - AM 5 ez, PM 5 ez <b>(AM 5 ez, PM missed run)</b><br>
Sat - 6 x 1 mile <b>(5 ez, 7:00 pace)</b><br>
Sun - 5 ez <b>(5 ez)</b><br><br>
Total 77 miles <b>(60.2 actual)</b><br><br><b>Week Summary -</b> Putting on a race ended up being a huge amount of work, and completely messed up my training the last 4 days of the week. I've come down sick, which doesn't help. I'm going to try to crank it back up for 2 weeks before starting to taper for Eugene.

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Once again Dennis thanks for the thread. Life will get in the way of running this week, so <i>no plan</i> and hopefully I'll make 40 miles.<br><br>
M.................<b>rest day - done</b><br>
T.................<b>5.1 miles - done</b> @ 9:25/mile<br>
W................<b>rest day - done</b><br>
Th...............<b>rest day - done</b><br>
F..................<b>8.1 miles - done</b> @ 9:16/mile<br>
Sa...............<b>20.0 miles - done</b> @ 10:06/mile<br>
Su...............<b>10K race- done</b> @ 8:31/mile (+1mile warmup jog)<br>
__________________________________________________ ____________<br><b>Total</b>...........<b>40.4 miles - DONE</b><br><br><br>

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Mon - 4 M recovery jog.<br>
Tues - 9 M progressively increased pace over each mile.<br>
Wed - 9.5 M. 5 M outside followed by 4.5 M on TM.<br>
Thur - 6 M.<br>
Fri - 8 M.<br>
Sat - 11.5 M.<br>
Sun - 6 M.<br><br>
Total - 54 M.<br><br>
To sum up this week - 54 garbage miles. It seemed like each and every mile was a struggle.

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Now that I've done another update, you can see why. I though I might have a schedule problem the next day, so I just wanted to get in something decent. As it turns out, I did have a problem the next day and only did 5 instead of 17 miles.

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Sun. 8.75 progressive run<br>
Mon. rest<br>
Tues. 14 long run<br>
Wed.- 8.25 easy<br>
Thurs. rest<br>
Fri- 6.5 easy<br>
Sat. - 4.75 easy<br><br>
Total 42.25<br><br>
This was suppose to be a 35 mile step back week in preparation of Sunday's 5K.
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