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40x40 Thread - Week Ending - 4.24.11 "Boston" Edition

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<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212165">This is the 40x40 thread. To qualify: Be at least 40 years old and run 40 miles per week. This is a great motivational thread and free passes are given out generously. If you do run a race and post a RR, I'll try to link it in here.</p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212168"><br><span id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212172" style="color:rgb(178,34,34);"><span id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212171" style="text-decoration:underline;"><b id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212170"><span id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212169">40x40 for the week:</span></b></span></span></p>
<div id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212174" style="text-align:left;">
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212173"><strong>Dennis</strong> - 40 m. - 15th time this year hitting 40 miles.</p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1303091553481137"><strong>OrangeMat</strong> - 42.39 m. - LR of 12.37 m plus some yoga & walking.</p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212177"><strong>RipVanRacer</strong> - 69.86 m. - 7 days running.  Includes a 1/2 marathon trail in 1:40:58 !</p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212178"> </p>
<div id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212179" style="text-align:left;"><span id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1303091553481136" style="color:rgb(178,34,34);"><b id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1303091553481135"><span id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1303091553481134"><span id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1303091553481133" style="text-decoration:underline;">RACERS, TAPERS & FREE PASSES:</span></span></b></span></div>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1302489979496148"><strong>Paul</strong> - Tapering for Boston. Have a Great Day! <span><img alt="hello2.gif" src=""></span></p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212183"><strong><strong>Peter -</strong></strong> 32.86 m. - Healing up from knee soreness.</p>
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<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300664221212182"><span style="color:rgb(178,34,34);"><b><span><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Awaiting Updates:</span></span></b></span></p>
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<p><strong>This weeks thread is dedicated to Paul. Boston's "I Had a Good Time."</strong></p>
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<p>Hi  Dennis.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>I remember in years past the coolrunning site was all Boston for a couple weeks each year.</p>
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<p>This week is a recovery week after 4 races in the last 5 weeks and my legs are a little beat up.</p>
<p>The plan is to go easy until my legs feel better but still get at least an hour a day.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>mon-7.23 (upper back spasm, left foot and right knee hurt)<br>
<p> </p>
<p>I will have to take a pass for this week and next.  I pulled a muscle in my back and my foot</p>
<p>has been bothering me some so I only made 21.27 miles this week.</p>
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