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40x40 Club - Week Ending 2.3.08 w/Tally

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<b>Weekly Quote - "Go your intended distance... then go a bit further"</b> That one is for me after intending to go 15 on Sunday, but since I was running do poorly, I decided to push myself 3 more miles.<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br><br>
This thread is for those that are at least 40 years old, and runs 40 miles a week. Passes are granted to those who are injured, in a taper, in recovery mode, or for just about anything else that get's in the way of running.<br><br><b><span>40x40 for the week:</span></b><br><b>Tnally - 41</b> - Included a 12 miler on Saturday.<br><b>Alan Fletcher - 83.91</b> - Biggest single week ever by 10 miles.<br><b>SloJim - 41.45</b> - Returns to the 40x40 and runs a Half Marathon.<br><b>Dennis - 61.7</b> - Long run of 18, but it was a struggle.<br><b>TheProFromDover - 40.25</b> for the week.<br><br><b><span style="color:#8B0000;">Passes:</span></b><br><b>Econo - 39.4</b> - Closes in on 40, good luck training this week.<br><b>Peter - 30</b> - 3 days, 10 miles each day.<br><b>Winejunky - 38</b> - with a long run of 13.<br><b>Paul - 37.2</b> - closing back in on 40 after WDW Goofy Challange.
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Your welcome Paul. I'm not as creative as Dr Wu is, and my knowledge of training techniques is limited, but I'll keep it going till someone wants to step in.<br><br>
My free membership at the YMCA expires so no more lunch runs...<br>
Monday - 6 M recovery from Sunday's 18 miler.<br>
Tuesday - 13.1 M on TM.<br>
Wednesday - 0<br>
Thursday - 12 M.<br>
Friday - 6M easy pace.<br>
Saturday - 20 M.<br>
Sunday - 4 M recovery.<br><br>
Total - 61.1 Miles.
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