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Hi everybody. I'm not sure if all of you current 40/40 people will look in here but I just wanted to say this... As the current caretaker / secretary of the 40/40 I am hopeful that will leave the forums in a state where we will all be comfortable posting back there in the future. I really don't think we should reproduce the 40/40 Club here as a twin but should set it up here only if Active's forums end up sucking. Maybe we could even vote on it if it comes to that.<br><br>
It sounds like the Cool Running forums won't be back up and running until Monday. So please check back in there and file your report next Monday. I'll post the tally for this week back over at CoolRunning - Active probably next Tuesday. The 40/40 has been very valuable to me as a training motivator and I've heard many of you say the same thing. Let's hope that we can all continue with it after this short interruption.
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