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4 March 2011

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<p>I think I am going to rest from running today as my calf is still sore.  I don't want to risk hurting it and not being able to run at all.  Some stretching and core workout will be on the schedule instead.</p>
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<p>8 miles w 6 at tempo. I cheated and ran on the indoor track.  Tried to maintain 50 second laps (6:40mpm). Went out too fast then slowed a bit before finding my rythmn:<br><br>
w/u: 08:18.6<br>
06:30, 06:44, 06:34, 06:39, 06:40, 06:39,<br>
c/d: 08:19<br>
<p>kfuller - yep, sore calves are a bear.  Take it easy.</p>
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