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30s Weekend Stylings 8/18-8/19

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Morning all! Nice and early out here on the East coast. Eating some yogurt now and getting myself together to head out to NJ and get some running done. 22 miles or thereabouts for me & a VRAA teammate, so please send some good weather, good running vibes - won't cha?<br><br>
Will check back later ...good runs to all! And good luck to <b>Philly Tom</b> @his 5K ...bring home the pie dude!
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Hi everyone-<br><br>
Way to rock the 20-milers this morning <b>Tim</b> and <b>Maria</b> (+2M for good measure!). You're totally going to rock Chi-town, <b>Fast Maria P</b>.<br><br>
Congrats on finishing C25K <b>Maples</b>! You really persevered through all your knee issues and did yourself (and us) proud.<br><br>
Nice 5K <b>PieTom</b>!<br><br>
Feel better <b>Professor Craney</b>!<br><br>
Good race <b>Korbel</b>!<br><br>
I got out for 14M this morning around dawn. That's a new distance PB for me, and my first 2hr+ run. I started off really uncomfortable, and I was slower than I had hoped, but I got stronger throughout the run and felt pretty good when I finished. It was HOT out there this morning, with temps in the mid-80s. At least it's dried out some (dewpoint right around 60*). My HM split was 2:07:45 this morning, not that that means anything.<br><br>
I've got <i>The Empire Strikes Back</i> on right now. The chance of me staying awake through the whole thing is basically zero. ZZZZzzzzz<span style="font-size:xx-small;">zzzzz...</span>
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Wow, HUGE PR <b>Moon</b>. 5 minutes in a 10K?!? Congrats!<br><br>
Nice 10M PR <b>EQ</b>!
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