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<b>Kini</b> - my SIL had the same attitude about kids as you do. She now has a 2 YO and a bun in the oven...<br><br>
Weather - done (beautiful in the northeast today). Bring home the pie - a phrase I must start using more often. We will be going to a fair later, gonna buy some pie. Mmmmm.. pie.<br><br>
WTG <b>Maples</b> - what next??<br><br>
That was me on Wednesday, but I actually bailed. Good for you on getting it done.<br><br>
Backyardigans rule.<br><br>
Our HS Musical 2 party was a great success. We will see how tired everyone is later in the day. The ni-laws are coming tomorrow, so major clean up today. There is clean, then there is in-law clean, ya know?<br><br>
Running - got my LR in yesterday, gonna get in 5-6 sometime this weekend. Maybe tonight after the kiddies are tucked in.<br><br>
Enjoy your weekends folks.
1 - 1 of 115 Posts
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