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30s Weekend Stylings 8/18-8/19

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Morning all! Nice and early out here on the East coast. Eating some yogurt now and getting myself together to head out to NJ and get some running done. 22 miles or thereabouts for me & a VRAA teammate, so please send some good weather, good running vibes - won't cha?<br><br>
Will check back later ...good runs to all! And good luck to <b>Philly Tom</b> @his 5K ...bring home the pie dude!
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Hi kids...quick check-in, I had to jump in to pass on the so many congrats to go around this weekend!! <b>P-Tom, Maria, EQ, Maples</b>...not to mention those who stuck it out in bad weather and/or health!<br><br>
I just finished a 5.75 - first 1hour+ run in some was good, not to mention the new shoes I just picked up!<br><br>
I've had a crazy weekend - bridal shower for my brother's fiance that my mom and I arranged Saturday afternoon...then over to my brother's house for his annual <b>Pig Roast</b> - though we don't roast the pig onsite any longer. I just go for the <b>keg of Guinness</b>! I did my best to help finish it off by 10pm Saturday night (we were slacking compared to past years). So I have major heartburn today and am relieved that the summer adventures are almost done. I'm so tired!!<br><br>
I also have developed a bad case of tinnitus over the past week or so - the ringing in my ears is distracting me at work, I can even hear it while I'm running! - and I really really need to figure something out. There's something about low sodium, non-caffeine and alcohol-free diets that will help the noise, but I can't imagine getting rid of them all at once!<br><br>
All right, now my dinner is probably burned, it's good to catch up with you all!!<br><br>
Good runs!
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