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30s Wednesday 9/12 thread

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My peeps!<br><br>
Back from Michigan. Unfortunately there wasn't much time left over for 30s meet and greets because of my massive family and the gratuitous driving that needed to be done.<br><br>
The game was pretty good. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"> I don't think we'll be invited back.<br><br>
Work is really busy, so I've missed lots of posts. Hopefully I'll get some time to dig into the RR forum and catch up on the weekend racers.<br><br>
Rich has been working really hard to bomb-proof the place in his spare moments. Tough job trying to do that stuff at the end of a long day at work, so once again, THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS!!!!<br><br><b>KP/Tonya</b> - Thanks for trying!<br><br><b>Kath</b> - Next time for sure!
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I thought it was a 1 mile <b>walk</b>. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink"><br><br>
Wow <b>KP</b>, didn't think it was that bad!
not bad, tough! badass = I'll kick yer ass!
<b>Winter</b> I've met LL. He is scary and in fact the picture doesn't do him justice.<br><br><i>It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?</i> I can vouch for this not being the case.<br><br>
Hit the track later last night for 1x3m just to keep the legs loose. Misty from the rain and it's flat out dark at 8:30 nowadays. I was off about 5/sec mile from my goal HM pace but I will write that off to the conditions and a wet cinder track. I felt storng and rested, but the effort just didn't turn into the time I thought it would.<br><br><b>PDR</b> Weather couldn't look better -- maybe 55 at the start and sunny, going up intot he 60s during the race. <b>Theia</b>, Cecily made a point last night it would be a good day for the race. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"><br><br><b>Larry</b> - did any of those pics from Friday come out?
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Welcome <b>sunyurbuns</b>!!<br><br>
Wait... where's the questionaire for the newbies???
Mornin' all!!<br><br>
Welcome, <b>Sunyurbans</b>!!<br><br><b>Kini</b>, buck up, kid, it'll get better! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><br>
Officially finally got my new toof this morning. Just finished cutting the grass. Now I'm off for a run and then I must pack. Will be leaving for the airport at about 3 p.m.<br><br>
I'll try to check back after teh run.
Hey all!!<br><br>
Wow, it's great to be back, I was getting a little skeered.<br><br><b>kini-</b>hang in there.<br><br><b>ll</b>-I agree with the others, virtual you is not doing you any justice.<br><br><b>space</b>-you look like a cover of Runner's World!<br><br>
Sounds like everyone is enjoying the cooler temps. I will be attempting to get out tonight for 5. I am in the process of slowly killing my TM. Anything over 45 minutes or so and it is overheating and comes to a screeching halt.<br><br>
I have found the answer to my shoe issue from last week, comfort thy name is <b>Nike Women's Air Pegasus</b>. The funny thing is I feel kind of funny about wearing Nikes. Dh was like "why? Becuase you're not wearing some obscure brand that only other runners know about?" I think it's because I feel like Nike is a brand that people who want to look like runners buy or something. Completely stupid, I know. They are so comfy though and they looke pretty cool too. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Cool"> Plus, they ended up being about $30 cheaper than those stupid Nimbuses.
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I was working in midtown at the time, in the Citicorp Building, for a trading firm. I was working on some issue or another. I remember getting a call from my wife that she had heard about a plane hitting the WTC. I figured it was a little Cessna or something. Then I received notice that we were being evacuated. I went to the trading desk to confirm this, and there were a bunch of traders that were arguing about leaving their stations (this was before the 2nd plane had hit). The Sr. partner who had made the call to clear the building gave his personal word that he would cover any trading losses. As he was saying this, the 2nd plane hit. There were several projection TVs around the trading desk, and everyone saw it. The trading desk cleared, I got my laptop and grabbed every backup tape that I could find, and we all headed out. My boss was driving in from Queens and told everyone in the IT group to stay put outside the building, and we would all get together to figure out next steps. That was a huge mistake – he never made it to Manhattan, and staying put for an hour removed any chance of getting out of Manhattan easily.<br><br>
Cell service was shot at this point, so I could not get in touch with anyone. Manhattan was essentially closed off. I was living in northern NJ at the time, but all Hudson River crossings were closed. I tried to get a bus uptown with a co worker that lived in Westchester, thinking that if we could get to Westchester that someone could drive down and I would be able to get across the Tappan Zee Bridge to the west side of the Hudson River. We could not get near a bus, and eventually we split up. He went to his girlfriend's appt on the Upper East Side, and I started walking to the Upper West Side where my best friend and his family lived. On the way from E 53rd street to W 103rd, I passed around the north side of the Central Park Reservoir, and had the clearest view do what was going on. It was a spectacularly clear day. There were several dozen people there looking southward and crying.<br><br>
Moe mentioned the sound of jets yesterday. The sight and sounds of F-14s jetting up and down the Hudson River is unsettling, to say the least.<br><br>
I eventually got to my friend's apartment, and spent most of the day there. About 4 PM or so, the GWB was reopened. I borrowed my friend's bicycle and rode on up. When I got to the bridge, all sidewalks were closed, and I was turned around. Many people were arguing with the cop stationed at the base of the sidewalk, but one thing I noticed was that his eyes were red and swollen – he obviously spent a great deal of the day crying. I cycled back to my friend's apartment. When I got there, I decided to head to the ferry terminals on West 33rd, where they had been running ferries to Hoboken, where I could get a train home. According to local news reports, the wait for a ferry was several hours. As I got near Madison Square Garden on my way to the ferry terminals, the PATH train service restarted. Took the PATH to a train, and I ended up walking into my house at 9:20, just before President Bush took the air.<br><br>
I was living in a town called Glen Rock at the time. It is a complete bedroom community – everyone in town worked in the city, and most of them downtown. My church had 11 parish members killed, including Brendan Dolan, a man who my wife and I met at Lamaze classes, and whose son had regular play dates with my daughter. He could not call his wife, but he was able to send emails. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, one of his comments was that he figured that he was not meant to see them win the World Series in his lifetime. A divorced father with custody of his daughter lived three houses down from me – he did not come home that day…. Several children in my children's day care center lost a parent.<br><br>
I had worked in the WTC for 7 years, and I know several people from those days that were killed. One of them, Marge Benson, actually got out of the building, but was exhausted from the walk down 72 flights of stairs. She told the group that she was with to keep walking, and that she was just going to catch her breath. One of the towers collapsed on top of her.<br><br>
I have mentioned a few times here that my Dad was a career NYC firefighter. He had retired in 1997 as a Deputy Chief. We often joked that he had the dream job of most 5 YOs – he bought and sold fire trucks. Technically he was head of fleet operations. After Sept 11th, he was on the phone constantly, helping to find equipment for the clean up, plus to add direction to the Fire Department leadership. Most of the upper command of the FD was killed – they had set up a command center in the lobby of tower 2. There was a documentary that was filmed by two French brothers that had a lot of footage of this command center. The fire officers in that command group were the people that my Dad had worked with daily.<br><br>
On the Saturday following Sept 11th, my Dad, my brother, and I went into the city. From 1985-1993, my Dad was a Battalion Chief for Battalion 9, which is Manhattan's west side (19th St and 7th Ave, around the corner from Limelight). My Dad wanted to visit the houses in his old battalion, so we loaded up my brother's Cherokee with many cases of Gatorade, and drove on in. In my 39 years, it is the only time I have seen my Dad cry. He stopped counting at 40. What struck him mostly was not the firefighters he knew from his Battalion Ch days. From 1979 to 1983 he worked at the fire academy on Randall's Island. Most of the victims he knew were from this time. Young men that joined the FD as 18-20 YOs, that were now 40 YO fathers, with wives, families, children….<br><br>
Sorry for the novel.
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KP you are SO right on that. They keep showing the previews and I am dying to get it started!
Hey folks - darn! It looks like my saluties have been x'd-out by dem hackers (BTW, thanks for all the hard work with KR, <b>Rich</b>)<br><br>
Such is my life these days - an already busy work day was punctuated by case that needed expedited processing; thus, more OT. Got home, ate dinner, and then pretty much spent the whole rest of the night putting together the shelf-with-a-thousand-different-parts (look at the label, trust me - it says that!) At least it came with a manual that had clear instructions, unlike the IKEA s-w-a-t-d-p that I put together a couple years back.<br><br><b>Duck</b> - glad you're back safely; at their current rate, Michigan's gonna' run outta' people to invite <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><br>
{{{{<b>Kini</b>}}}} - hope things get better soon<br><br>
Hope your meeting goes well today <b>roo</b>!<br><br>
Oh, c'mon <b>Ailarie -</b> it wasn't a storm; you're just trying to be the next treadmill killer a la <b>T-Rev</b> <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink"><br><br>
Good seeing ya' back in the fold <b>Sara!</b><br><br><b>Bob</b> - I can relate to the feeling; my parents had their kitchen remodeling work for a week-and-a-half, and everything was strewn every which way but loose.<br><br>
Welcome <b>sunyurbuns</b> - don't let all the site madness keep ya' from posting<br><br>
Random thought: if we ever combined every single evolution of <b>LL's</b> name into one, we'd have the longest word in any language <b>(LLcoolsmorgahardassberg</b>...I can't even remember an tenth of them at this point.)<br><br>
Anyway, gotta' get to work - lots of stuff to do here<br><br>
(ETA: YAY, my saluties are back workin!)
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It is better, but still not great. Another visit to the chiro on Friday, hopefull getting the clear to do <i>something</i>. August was ~130 miles. So far Sept is a big fat 0 <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Mad">
Yeah, I saw the avatar, asked myself, "Self, why the heck does LL have Jim Rome for his avatar?"
<b>Voo! Have a Great Trip! Happy Second Wedding to English Jason and Mrs. English Jason.</b><br><span style="font-size:xx-small;">Is it jason? I'm really having trouble with names lately.</span><br>
Congrats on the new Toof too.<br><br><br><b>P-Tom</b>: I believe you.<br><br><b>Sunyurbuns:</b> Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?
<b>Sun</b> - if it's any consolation, a LOT of us have the same experience. Friends / Family just think we're downright nuts to "run" for "fun". It's like it should be a contradictory term, or something. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"><br><br>
Anywho..welcome aboard.<br><br><b>Heroes</b> - Sept 24th. Man, that date is already on my calendar! Cannot WAIT for the season premere!<br><br>
Btw... just wanted to <span style="text-decoration:underline;"><i>bounce something off of you more experienced folks.</i></span> You guys know my injury history and all. With coming off of a 2 month complete bench period... what might be a realistic game plan for getting back into the swing of things? I had thought of "just walking" on the TM for 1-2 weeks, for shorter distances (3 miles or less), and then keeping the distance the same, but maybe substituting 1/4 mile run here and there, instead of walking.<br><br>
Does that sound feasible? Too much? Too little? I know my cardio is shot, and I'm starting at point zero. Otherwise, I'm choping at the bit to get back in the game! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
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LH-That is amazing...thank you for writing it. wow
my DW bought the same Nike's about a month ago..she LURVES them
<b>Kriddie</b> Nike isn't the evil empire <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"> if they work for you that' all that matters. So says this Pegasus fan.
I think this sounds like a good start. Walk to build up and then splice in running but still at a reasonable pace. Do you find TM walking/running is kinder to your joints? I ask b/c I find I get more of a beatdown from the TM rather than being outside. If you feel the same, perhaps hitting some trails or crushed rock/gravel paths will help more in your return? Something to think about.<br><br><b>Tim (from CT)</b> - Thanks
<b>Rich,</b> Thank you for all the hard work in getting KR back up and running!<br><br>
Havent had much time on during the day for the internet or much of anything else.<br><br>
Swelling and soreness is about gone in and around my mouth. If work allows Ill head over to the Y at lunch for a <b>east</b> run.<br><br>
Hit the scale today for the first time since prior to my procedure. Its amazing how much weight one can lose in a week or so by not eating much. Im down <b>5</b> lbs from were I was a week ago Monday. Now if I can just keep it off and continue losing<br><br>
Thats about it for now. Ill try to check back in, have a good one all<br><br><b>Alarie</b> glad you were able to get a couple of miles in on the mill!<br><br><b>Litch</b> glad to hear the back is showing signs of improvement.<br><br><b>kini</b> hope the weeks gets better for ya hon
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<b>Tom</b> - Gee thanks! The pictures were all a blur. My wife's not the best action photographer. We forgot to get one pre or post race.<br><br>
Sounds like this avatar's life is going to be short lived.
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