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30s Wednesday 9/12 thread

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My peeps!<br><br>
Back from Michigan. Unfortunately there wasn't much time left over for 30s meet and greets because of my massive family and the gratuitous driving that needed to be done.<br><br>
The game was pretty good. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"> I don't think we'll be invited back.<br><br>
Work is really busy, so I've missed lots of posts. Hopefully I'll get some time to dig into the RR forum and catch up on the weekend racers.<br><br>
Rich has been working really hard to bomb-proof the place in his spare moments. Tough job trying to do that stuff at the end of a long day at work, so once again, THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS!!!!<br><br><b>KP/Tonya</b> - Thanks for trying!<br><br><b>Kath</b> - Next time for sure!
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ah good to be back here in the KR world. Way to go Rich!<br><br>
Hang in there <b>Kini</b> and vent away, pretty much everyone her uses the board that way now and again and we are all darn good listeners/readers!<br><br><b>Roo</b> the light at the end of tunnel is getting closer!<br><br><b>Duck</b> as thinking of you during the game, like beaker said...good stuff<br><br>
Welcome back in the loop <b>Sara</b><br><br>
gettign ready to paint sucks <b>Bob</b>, I cringe at the thought.<br><br><b>Brandy</b> I hear ya on the good run, had one last night as well-has to be about the weather turning for us here in MN.<br><br>
Yesterday I put in 2.5 quick miles at lunch and then decided at about 6:45 last night it was too nice out to not do a double. decide to make the evening run a set of hill repeats.<br><br>
I put in 6.2 miles with 11 hill repeats. ran it at an 8:20 pace for a 51:43 time and had some left. a top 5 workout ever for it felt awesome
KP you are SO right on that. They keep showing the previews and I am dying to get it started!
LH-That is amazing...thank you for writing it. wow
my DW bought the same Nike's about a month ago..she LURVES them
Sending some positive vibes out to <b>Soul</b> hang in there man!
I am not quite getting it I think may have killed the brain cells necessary for interpreting <b>1!</b> after kickball on Monday.<br><br>
help a guy out here....<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
And how do we show agreement in Klingon?
hey now, I am asking how...if I was really going to one up him I would aready know least that is my story <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
I believe I just got passed like I was standing still in the race for geek lead
the wheels fell off for me at the first question...
MEGA GIANT HUGS for Maureen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am out of the geek race for sure if we measure the winner based on their Star Trek knowledge...I have no idea what anyone is talking about with the Star Trek stuff..<br><br>
on this day...I am not a geek....yiiipppeeeeee..<br><br>
tomorrow could be a totally different story
gosh glad you posted that I missed it last week. very cool event and hardware to go with it!!
Heroes, Lost and as soon as I watch all of the season 3 DVDs to get caught up, The Office<br><br>
ETA-the whole no LOST til February deal absolutely sucks
You think you are embarased now, wait til somone tracks down the questionaire to complete.<br><br>
welcome aboard...good people here, very good people.
ah yes and <b>T-Rev</b> comes through with <i>the list of questions</i>
Wow <b>Surly Buns</b> has got this party started...she fits right in<br><br><b>KJ</b> No tats here eiterh, but I do have a deal with my SIL (who wants one) that if she runs a marathon with me in 08 I will go get a marathon themed tattoo with her so I may be less than a year away
49. Way too many to choose just one...variety is the spice of life <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"><br>
50. I would not say I like it, but my performacne of <b>I Am Woman</b> after about 12 Gin and Tonics is something the family is still talking about 8 years later...
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