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30's Sat Sugust 25

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Hey Maria - I see you lurking - bet you are doing the same thing as me - waiting to wake up a bit before your LR. It is crzy humid here - magazies feel like they had water spilled on them. 72* w/ 94% humidity (70* dew point for scratch).<br><br>
Have a greate weekends kids - I am off to sweat....
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Good morning Litch, Bob, and all who follow. I am just relaxing a bit before bed. I finished up a 3 mile run a little bit ago so I have a bit too much energy to sleep right now.
Oh and in Friday's thread <b>Aunt Moe</b> posted the following as a possible description for our group.<br><br>
"Fort hose who like 80s music and movies, cookies and beer, sweating like 10 whole men, wimmins...oh and running too!"?<br><br>
I am thinking this might be a great description to ask admin to put up for us. Do you all agree?
lol Yep Bob I am still awake. It is just after 4am here. I guess I will follow your orders and head to bed now. Night all.
Good afternoon everyone.<br><br><b>Diane, Beth, Kp, McT, Cactus, Keriksen, Moon</b> - thank you all for your positive comments. I actually felt pretty good during almost all of the run. I was doing my cool down walk afterward and contemplated running a little further after my heart rate dropped but decided not to push it.<br><br><b>PhillyTom</b> - Have a great vacation.<br><br><b>Moe</b> - Feel better soon.<br><b><br>
Litch</b> - Sorry your run was so bad. I hope the rest of your day is better.<br><br><b>Map</b> - congrats on the run today. I can see how cooler weather would allow you to run faster/further. Heat takes a lot out of a person.<br><br><b>McT</b> - congrats on the 5 mile run. WTG!!!!! You have earned that beer.<br><br><b>Crane</b> - I hope your vertigo gets better soon.<br><br><b>Myron</b> - sorry your race did not got well.<br><br><b>Tim</b> - congrats on the great run.<br><b><br>
Diane</b> - Sorry to hear about the stressful brunch. I say 130 is late enough to start drinking on a Saturday. Go for it.<br><br><b>Keriksen</b> - Have fun at the game tonight.
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Thanks Frankie. Sorry to hear you did not get to do the go-kart racing. That sounded like fun.<br><br>
Sorry to hear your Asthma is not doing any better. I suffer from it too and I know how bad it can be at time.
Good afternoon everyone. I am enjoying my first cup of coffee for the day and trying to wake up. I slept pretty good last night, but I did not want to get out of bed today.<br><b><br>
Korbel</b> - congrats on the relay. I can't wait to read the full report.<br><br><b>Diane</b> - I hope your leg feels better soon.<br><br><b>Nettie</b> - sorry to hear you don't feel well.<br><br>
Well I was susposed to go shopping this afternoon for new house phones, but I don't want to go outside. It is way too darn hot.
<b>Map</b> - I agree it is nice when people notice. Congrats.
Nice Nettie. Did you stick with 30's tradition and have a few drinks first? <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><br>
It sounds like you had a blast at the party. Nice job with the loot.
Ah it was one of those Friday's. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="occasion5">
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