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Whoops....sorry, posted on the w/e page.<br>
Mornin' fellas.<br><br>
Sounds like <b>Heather</b> and <b>Crane</b> really had a groove on - gotta love it when the legs just feel like going and going, intentionally getting lost or not. Nice work!<br><b>Bob, Baggs, Maria, Brandy</b> - good luck in the 20K, hope you all kill it.<br><b>Big G</b> - I have painting that needs doing, I'll even buy the paint. Wanna come over? I made Theia's brownies...<br><br>
Alright, 5 on tap for me this AM, then I'm going out w/the uncle to pull our 15 lobster traps. Sounds like a seafood dinner tonight....mmm<br><br>
F'ing asshat hackers got the homepage. Sounded like german music.
1 - 1 of 67 Posts
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