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G'morning and happy Labor Day to you all.<br><br>
Slept wrong and woke up with a bit of a sore neck. I don't need reminders of my previous pinched nerve issues two weeks before my tri - ugh! Got a run on the docket sometime today.<br><br>
I couldn't access the front page yesterday for awhile myself (denial of service attack?); looks like the asshats got the front page (again...grrr!)<br><br>
Managed to catch the end of the women's marathon for the World Championships late last night on TV - if you want a super-pained expression, just watch the Japanese woman (who won the bronze) the last couple miles or so<br><br><b>Doc</b> - have a fun time volunteering, and I love the return of the angry smiley times<br><br>
Wow <b>Winter</b> - you got your DH off his duff and you'll be getting your kids off to school. I guess all that's left is to get off to the tattoo parlor soon<br><br><b>Maureen</b> - must've missed the tat discussion; what's the dealio with getting a tat on the lower back? As far as your friend's DH, ow indeed!<br><br>
Anyway, better find me some breakfast...have a good day folks! And I hope our New Haven racers are kicking some butt out there!
1 - 1 of 67 Posts
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