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30's Monday, July 23.

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Mornin' all!!<br><br>
Stuck at work all night. <img alt="icon_study.gif" src=""> Such is the life of a schlub (sp?) who is going on vacation. Yep. You heard me. Tuesday - at the crack of dawn - we are catching a flight to Cabo. Of course, they are predicting clouds and isolated T-storms for the first 3 days we are there. too bad. I am having fun, and no one is stopping me.<br><br>
While the scanner was doing its thing (I am taking a couple of files with me - on a flash drive), I was able to catch up on a few of the threads. You folks are a chatty crowd these days.<br><br>
Hope all your races went well this weekend. I will follow the thread for a little while - assuming there are replies at this GAWDAWFUL time of day, then will try to check in again tonite.<br><br>
Be well!!
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<b>Myron</b> - what about the pizza? I'd run a 20:45 for really good pizza <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> Congratulations!!! When are you and the fam headed up to VT?
<b>Nettie</b> - you can always stay here !!<br><br><b>Myron</b> - You are DA' MAN!! - Big congrats! Knew you had it in ya'.
Oh for. Have you seen this guy? He's a <i>doll</i>.<br><br>
Couldn't beat them off with a stick, I tell ya. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> Lots of young lasses checking out Duckie's tail feathers.<br><br>
Oh, crud, I have to go...cats are fighting in the back yard....<img alt="cool.gif" src="">
This wasn't a PR 5k <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> My PR is 20:30... but yeah... 33 miles this coming Saturday... after driving ummmm... 13 or so hours... with a 2 year old <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> We are splitting the trip up into 2 days of driving tho - and the flip down DVD player is being installed tomorrow! <img alt="hello2.gif" src="">
That's good to hear! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br>
Yup, you just wanna put him in your pocket and take him home!
Electronics are magical! Enjoy your trip <b>Myron</b>!
<b>Maria</b> This was mediocre pizza at best (Papa Johns) - however they were an avid supporter of this event - and I know they support lots of other events, so I won't diss them too hard. They just aren't as good as you NYC or Chicago folks are probably used to.<br><br>
I think if it was really good pizza... I might have been able to get that 19:50 I've been lusting over for some time now. Actually, I really want to find a fast 5k in the fall to do that. I haven't ever run a fall 5k, I think that might be the ticket for me.<br><br><b>ETA</b> Leaving RVA bound for VT on Thursday at the "A$$ Crack of Dawn"... We'll head up to CT on Thursday, then finish up the rest of the way to Jay on Friday. We're kind of skirting around NYC - we'll be taking the Tapanzee<sp> Bridge from NJ to White Plains I think it is New York.
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Congratulations on achieving your three diminishing 5K times goal!! (say that three times fast <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> ) You'll catch that guy next time for sure.
<a href="" target="_blank">please vote in my thread<br></a><br>
I'm trying to decide if I should go to the gym or not...
Ok, I actually have a temp assignment tomorrow. So, nighty night all you runner-types!
<b>Myron</b> tha is flying man...nice.<br><br><br>
HH my vote is cast!<br><br>
dishes done, laundry moved to dryer and kids in bed...finally I can flippin relax....
Jake the Snake Roberts, I actually met him in 9th grade. He was rasslin' the Iron Shiek one night and after the match, my cousin and I went backstage (seriously tight security here folks) and met him and the Rock 'n Roll Express.
Dammit, why the heck am I still awake? It's past my bedtime. G'night folks...
Way to rock it, <b>Myron</b>! Have a great time in VT! Post race, have a few Otter Creek Copper Ales, Wolaver's Browns, and Magic Hat Blind Faiths for me!<br><br>
ETA: Oh, and if you pass through the Middlebury area, I can recommend my all-time favorite restaurant.
I always welcome suggestions of that sort <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> Not sure if we'll be in that area or not. We're definately hitting <b>Jay/Troy</b>, <b>Burlington/Shelbourne/Vermont</b> and <b>Albany, NY</b> over the course of the trip. Probably Waterbury, CT on the way up as well, and Bowie, MD on the way home.
<b>Maria</b> - that's a nice run, and out in the elements too.<br><br><b>Flem</b> - Yuk on the snake. Was it it with you and snakes? <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> Looks like you are racking up some consistent mileage. Congrats!<br><br><b>Mercedes Marathon</b> - the course is HARD!!! I've done the half twice and we do a lot of training on some of the hilly sections of the course. About half of last weekends 16 miles run was on parts of the Mercedes course.<br><br>
Running - I'm in Columbia Maryland now and got out for a run on the paved trail from my hotel. I orginally planned on 5 east, but after the first mile, my legs felt really good. So I bumped it up to an 8:00m/m pace tempo run. I was really pleased with it and my splits were pretty even: 1 - 7:54; 2 - 7:55; 3 - 7:49; 4 - 8:00; 5 - 7:41.<br><br>
Programing information: for you Seinfeld fans, the Keith Hernandez episode is currently on TBS.<br><br>
'Night all.<br>
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Middlebury, VT is about 45 minutes south of Burlington on Rt 7. The name of the restaurant is Fire and Ice (named after the Robert Frost poem). I don't know if you're a seafood eater, but my favorite dish there is the Steak Rockport. 8 oz filet mignon stuffed with lobster meat and covered in hollandaise sauce. Oh. My. God. And they have Otter Creek on tap. And the salad bar has shrimp cocktail. The restaurant is on Seymour St, and it's not hard to find. It's a small town -- ask anyone and they'll know where it is. It's definitely worth the trip from Burlington.
Dude, looking forward to that RR. 2 of my friends are trying to talk me into that mess next year. I thought they suspended it this year to revamp the course. Not sure if a clyde could handle 30+ miles...lots of suck in there I'm sure, but quite the badge of honor.<br>
Your first?<br>
Good luck.
thanks, man.<br><br>
this place sucks if you're looking for an excuse to slack off a little <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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