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30's Monday, July 23.

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Mornin' all!!<br><br>
Stuck at work all night. <img alt="icon_study.gif" src=""> Such is the life of a schlub (sp?) who is going on vacation. Yep. You heard me. Tuesday - at the crack of dawn - we are catching a flight to Cabo. Of course, they are predicting clouds and isolated T-storms for the first 3 days we are there. too bad. I am having fun, and no one is stopping me.<br><br>
While the scanner was doing its thing (I am taking a couple of files with me - on a flash drive), I was able to catch up on a few of the threads. You folks are a chatty crowd these days.<br><br>
Hope all your races went well this weekend. I will follow the thread for a little while - assuming there are replies at this GAWDAWFUL time of day, then will try to check in again tonite.<br><br>
Be well!!
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No doubt about it. Surreptitiously. A friend of DW (also the DW of a good friend) has made no secret about noticing my improved physique. It gets a bit uncomfortable. It is not eve flirting, just sincere compliments like "wow, you are looking good. You are half the man you were last time I saw you." and it is the same whether my DW is there or her DH is there, so it's not like she's hitting on me. Another single friend of DW is also very quick with a compliment when she sees me, that get's more uncomfortable because she also likes to wear things that display here well-maintained assets. (think Netties sig line) and I REALLY need dark sunglasses.
I like the obvious. I'm not smart enough to catch the surreptitious stuff. <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
I'm with you there, T!<br><br>
Well, got 6 miles in, which is what I wanted to do. I told myself at least 5, but 6 is what I wanted. Finished in 53:22 (8:54/mile). Was a little rough at the beginning, but my legs felt very strong. I actually had to pull back on the reigns quite a bit. I just felt like going. Though the bouncing didn't do my noggin any favors.<br><br>
And no puke.<br><br>
Hiii, <b>Kath</b>!!
Yup, me too.<br><br>
1.25inches of rain this afternoon, or >10% our mean annual rainfall. Gotta love the monsoon...
I just came back from a run as well. It's rather crappy outside, so I went on the TM a the Y. I did a fairly <b>east</b> 4 miles at an 8:55 pace. I felt like going a bit faster, but if I'm gonna be running a 5k race on Wednesday, I figured I'd better not. I'll probably rest tomorrow. Maybe do an <b>east</b> bike ride. We'll see...<br><br><b>Voo</b>, glad to hear you didn't puke...
By the way, <b>Nettie</b>, I meant to ask you about this post. (You've probably talked about this a million times, but I haven't caught it). I take it from your response here -- especially the "done that state" part -- that you're shooting for the 50 state thing. Is that right? How many do you have now? What marathon have you done in Wisconsin?
I haven't talked about it much actually. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> Yes, I am shooting for the 50 states. I only have 4 states, so 46 states is still a good number to do. I did Madison City (formerly Mad-City) in WI.
Sissy! I just got back from a nice 6.85 @55:47 in the crap outside; it was INVIGORATING. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
Thumbs up on the no-puke run, <b>Voo</b><br><br>
Row, row, row your <b>boataleenie</b>
Well, you have double my number, but after Sunday, I'll be up to 75% of your numbers. I only plan on doing 1-2 per year right now and I did find out that a marathon in an Ironman counts, so that means I may get 3 in some years. (AZ, MN and soon CA down) But I'm still not "officially" pursuing the 50 states. I'll just suggest some places to DW that we could vacation and then squeeze in a marathon while there. If I win Powerball, I'll work on the continents instead. Comrades sounds like a great one. (Do ultra's count?)
Hello folks,<br><br>
Late check in. Internet is out at home. It's torture! The first available repair appt isn't till Sat. Till then, I will be stuck on the apt. complex business center computer to check email and such.<br><br>
Anywho, got groceries in the car, but I did go to the gym. Off day from running, but I tried out the Mon spin class. She had great music! Included some Depeche Mode and U2 (made me imagine it was <b>Theia</b> teaching! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> ) She's gonna make a copy of the disc for me, so that means I will have to go back next Mon. right?? See how that works! I also did <b>Voo's</b> favorite workout- arms. Abs still hurting from the roman chair experiment on Sat. I didn't realize how much I use my core for arm stuff (esp. triceps it seemed). Interesting...<br><br>
Oh, I was cleaning off my balcony today and clearing out some dead plants. Seems a nest of wasps was hiding on one of the planters! I didn't see it and when I moved it, I got stung on my left pinky. It hurts. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> Luckily I'm not allergic apparently, so I'm just on benadryl and ice and booboo kisses. Fun fun excitement today!<br><br>
Well, dinner is calling, as well as a shower. Have a great night. Might come back tomorrow to hang out and catch up on everything. Sorry. I just don't have time to read the thread at the moment, but I hope Theia's Tri went well!! I'm sure it did! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
Happy Mon. evening everyone!
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Yup, ultras count! I would like to eventually do 6-10 marathons a year with a a reach goal of actually qualifying for Boston in 10 years.
<b>50-staters</b>.. Raleigh's Marathon is back up and running.<br>
I'm really close to the city - 15 miles south - am a good cheerleader and make wicked good cocktails. For serious.<br><br>
Also, <b>Lori</b>, Charlotte is a good 3 hours west of me.<br><img alt="sad.gif" src="">
Oh and I'm up for the GA ING HM. I couldn't do it this year because of the ankle, but I'm doing it for sure next year, esp since I won't have to travel or get a hotel! That'll be a first! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> I do have room for a couple if you don't mind sleeping on an air mattress....
Yeah yeah yeah. If I weren't doing 2 races in 4 days, I probably would've run outside. But I didn't want to risk slippin' and slidin' around.<br><br>
Meh. I guess this is just further proof that I'm only half the man you are, <b>Maria</b>. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
No more snake pics from me. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
I got to the Y and did some swimming at lunch. My Saturday running partner Jackie is in charge of the pool there and she gave me some drills to work on over the next few weeks. My legs felt much better after swimming than they did this morning.<br><br>
QOD Check out: I would never notice if a woman was checking me out. I need a buddy to clue me in, not that it matters anyways. But for the record, <b>Crane</b> is a good wing-woman! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
My uncle and my little cousins are in Raleigh...I think, so that sounds good!
Dudes, I don't like where the PRT is heading. I may have to secede and give you guys the best parts of me. <img alt="lol.gif" src="">
Just finished the 3rd and final <b>Cul-de-Sac 5k</b> from the series. My goal this year was to run each 5k faster than the previous... so... mission accomplished. Having the first one in 99 degree heat with a heat index of 103 helped with this goal. However when I showed up tonight, I really thought last weeks cool and overcast evening was going to throw a monky wrench in my plans.<br><br>
Last week was probably 80 degrees, cloudy and drizzle with some humidity and the threat of storms (but the storms never materialized).<br><br>
This week was mid 80's maybe not as humid as last week, but a bright sun and not much shade on the course. <b>However</b> I am not complaining, because as far as July evenings go, tonight was about as close to perfect as you can get.<br><br>
I started off strong, but intentionally held back in the first mile. I forgot to get my split. I hit mile 2 and didn't hit the split button, however I remember looking down, I think it was 13:20, maybe it was 13:22. I just stayed as smooth as I could. The guy I outkicked last week was about 10 yards ahead of me... <b><i>last week I passed him at mile 2... only to have him pass me at mile 3... only to pass him back at the finish line...</i></b> This week would be a different battle, sadly for me, with a different outcome. I passed him on the hill leading to mile 3, he passed me just before the 3rd mile marker, and I couldn't muster up the kick to get him at the line. I think he probably finished 5 seconds ahead of me. I did however finish a little higher up on the results page this week - 6th in AG (I was 7th in AG the last 2 times), and 39th overall. I was 44th overall last week, and 45th OA the first week.<br><br>
On a bright note, I did finish the race with a decent for me time: 20:45. so I won't complain. About 15 seconds off of a PR. and 46 seconds slower than I would have liked... but hey... I need to save something for <b>The Jay Mountain Marathon</b> this weekend. My times for the series went like this <b>21:54</b> - <b>21:01</b> - <b>20:45</b>.<br><br>
Speaking of <b>Jay</b> (The race director just sent us an email, they have extended the cutoff time (for making it to mile 19) by 30 minutes. The bad news: They've added 2 miles to the course, now it's approximately 33 miles (most of them brutal). Around Mile 30 I'll just need to remember to <b>Harden the F**k Up!</b>.<br><br>
Have a good night all!
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33 miles? And after a PR 5K? <img alt="notworthy.gif" src="">
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