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Hey everyone, quick post for me. Must get back to reading Harry Potter and pretending to work.<br><br>
Had a great weekend. My mom's 60th b'day was on Sunday so I planned a full day of her favorite things on Saturday. We went to the Lehigh Valley Zoo with DD in the morning, then had lunch then dropped DD off and went to see Harry Potter. Came back and my dad was at our house and we headed to town to the Scottish Pub for dinner. I did 2.5 miles before she came over just to see how my foot is feeling since the cortizone shot.<br><br>
Sunday I did 10.25 with my friend and then we took the kids and headed to the pool for the day. Sunburn behind your knees hurts. (That's what I get for laying on the blanket reading Harry Potter most of the time.)<br><br>
Rest day today.<br><br>
Congrats to all our racers this weekend, I'm really out of the loop so I don't know who you are. Way to go to <b>Andrew</b> for finishing yet another IM and good luck to <b>Theia on her first tri!</b><br><br><b>Shout outs to all of you!</b><br><br>
1 - 2 of 222 Posts
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