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30's friday eve

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I hustled my way into some survivorman last night. whooo hooo!!!!<br>
the plane crash one. i fell asleep though. will finish it this weekend.<br>
Parent teacher convos. tonight. Better not say convo though as some ho called and complained about my class being ghetto. Really would love to meet this heifer and give her some theoretical realignment.<br><br>
No run for me today. Won't get home until 9 and I am REALLY trying to get chapter 4 to advisor by Saturday. 1-3 are done and done though. Totally tweaked and finalized.<br><br>
Wanted to pop in to see how ((((((((((((( LORI)))))))))) is.<br><br>
Also, <b>Moe</b>... No I'm not going to bite or anything. I just sort of like for things to be place most of the time. My closet door has to be shut, things have to be 'away' etc. when I eat I like for things to be a certain way. those little divided plates make me really happy.... i dunno, if you're touching me I guess you're out of place or something. Yeah. I know. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy">
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No run for me today. Scheduled rest day. that is really hard when I am just barely running when I have a non-rest day! But, I guess that is the smart way to go about it when coming back from stoo-pid injury type stuff, eh?<br><br>
I am thinking of adopting <b>Maples'</b> approach. Going through C25K again, then the OHR program. Along the way, I could do a few short races. THEN, I could start training for the next big(ger) race. I think it is a smart way to get back into it.<br><br>
Back to work!
Hi folks,<br><br>
Up and about to get ready to leave for a run. I'm sleepy. If I get to bed past 8 (uh, every night) it's difficult to get up for the run. I just can't go to bed that early. I need my evening decompression time!<br>
Anywho, haven't been around much due to work and other stuff just keeping me busy. I got through a few pages yesterday- I know that Lori and Theia need some {{{love.}}} Welcome back to Voo (great pics, btw. Still very jealous! Was it awesome??)<br><br>
Hi winter! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wave"><br><br>
Hopefully I will be able to catch up today and not be so neglectful! Gotta get ready... be back later for a QOD. Happy Friday Eve! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy">
Hah! I'm not the only one who starts a thread and gets pre-empted! Sorry, <b>Flem</b>. And sorry to hear that your run was cut short. You're wise to cut it short to make sure you avoid an injury...<br><br>
Hello to everyone else, by the way...<br><br>
Yesterday was an off-day from running for me. I did get to the gym and hop on my bike for a few minutes, but nothing much. There'll be a run today, but I don't even know how long. I'll figure it out sooner or later.<br><br>
Well, folks, have a great day!
<span style="font-family:Arial;">I was attempting not only to gain a more emic perspective gathering the corpus of data, but also a more emic perspective in the analysis.<br>
This is...the <b>money shot</b> of my dissertation, right here folks.<br>
Sorry. Im a geek and Im excited. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><b>GoV</b>...go to bed.<br><b>Beth</b>. I'm in bed ready to sleep by 9 most nights. Which means I'm getting ready and into bed by about 8:30.<br><br></span>
Good morning! Getting ready for my morning run. Instead of the park today I'll be battling the cars on the streets. Should be interesting. Morning rush and all.<br><br>
Be back to chat with ya later.
Morning! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wave"><br><br>
Quick check-in before the kids come in. Good luck with the chapter, <b>Roo</b>. Hope <b>Lori's</b> doing ok today and <b>BigG</b> is feeling better. Good to see you, <b>Beth!</b><br><br>
And, <b>Theia</b>, I finally saw your pix last night and commented in that thread. Nice work. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><span style="font-size:xx-small;">p.s. hope you're doing well today, too!</span><br><br>
Did a good intervals run yesterday on the TM, and when I logged my miles I realized I passed the <b>1000</b> mark a couple days ago. Sweet!<br><br>
Gotta run... be back later!
Morning, friends--<br><br>
Got home about 11:30 last night and went right to bed. Cat woke me up at the usual 6:15 and had to convince him that it was ok that I set my alarm for 7:15. Tomorrow I expect to top 4 miles. Am a little nervous and excited simultaneously. Then, off to Columbus for the weekend and tickets to see the Crewe and Galaxy play on Sunday night. The tickets were bought with Beckham in mind, but he's on the DL, so it will be a Beckham-free match. I'm still hoping for a gratuitous sighting in the stands. Unlikely.<br><br>
Enjoy runs, rests, and work. Thanks for the love last night; I will now pass the extra along to those who need it (((((((((()))))))))
Good morning! Just dropping in to say hi. I can't keep up this week. I will do better next week (I hope).
Good morning. I did get in a short run this morning. 30 minutes on the hotel treadmill. I'm having trouble getting used to the treadmill again. I can't find a groove, I'm too fast, too slow, too fast again. Treadmills need a goldilocks button!<br><br>
Not much else here. I go home tomorrow, hopefully around lunch time. As soon as I get home, DH and I are leaving for a combo anniversary celebration/attend a wedding in Indianapolis. DH is already lobbying to cut the trip short, and I'm pretty annoyed about it. I think I'll send a quick email this morning so I don't stew about it all day and end up picking a fight later. Ah, I guess I am growing up<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink"><br><br>
Have a great day!<br>
- Amichel
Good Morning All.<br><br>
DW is away in Chicago until tomorrow.<br><br>
7 mile treadmill run later.<br><br>
More tattooing last night.<br><br>
Swim lessons for DD2 today.<br><br>
Make it a great day.
The money shot, eh?<br><br><i>I used to work in Chicago, in a department store,<br>
I used to work in Chicago, I don't work there anymore....<br>
A woman came in for some spare change....<br>
(some spare change from the store...)<br>
Spare change she wanted...<br>
The money shot she got!<br>
I don't work there anymore!</i><br><br>
My fargin ankle is hurting after running 3 days in a row. Appointment<br>
to see the podiatry guy next week. He suggested a CT scan if<br>
the X-rays don't show a fracture. Great! More scans of my freaking<br>
Good runs all.
I love health and fitness day in the New York Times. Check <a href="" target="_blank">this</a> out. Of course, I don't care that I <i>should</i> be a swimmer or rower, I'm learning to be a runner!
Hey hey hey....<br><br>
Met Flem for dinner last night - as usual, meeting a '30' in person is cool. Talked about running, family, work over steak and a Long Trail Ale. Excellent way to spend some time.<br><br>
Then went home and watched the Mets cough up another one. Those of you who are not sports fans can not understand how miserable this is making me. I did not fall asleep until 1 AM because of this - yeah I know, it is stupid baseball, but geez...<br><br>
I did get up early enough to get in about 40 minutes of weights and get to my desk by 7. (actually about 7:04 - don't tell.) And I have two brand spanking new 22" monitors at work. Schweet!!
<b>prae -</b> you can do it! New mileage is always daunting.<br><br><b>LLtattooedalot</b> - Man....what part of your body is left? I hesitate to ask for pictures.....<br><br><b>GoVandals -</b> I am with you on running rehab.
Uh....2:25 marathon and he's not satisfied with how good he is?<br><br>
This dude has some serious problems.
Hey all:<br><br>
Congrats on the 1000 mark <b>Solar</b>.<br><br><b>Larry</b> - you are the master of the brief day description.<br><br>
Got in a nice 9-10 last night with the running store crew. We went out pretty fast. Turns out one of the guys is a mets fan and wanted talk some smack. I think the first 3 went down at or under 6. At that point one of the guys was like, uh, could we not talk baseball so we can slow down? (Sorry bout last night <b>CT TIM</b>! Well, not really.)<br><br>
One of the guys found a back route into a nature preserve so we worked some trails in until it got too dark. Call it about 9.5 in 63 mins.<br><br>
It felt good to run fast again. First time since the PDR.<br><br>
Have a good day all.
Good morning.<br><br>
I brought my <b>strap on</b> to work today. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><br>
Gee, I've always wanted to say that. Anyhow, I wasn't thrilled by the prospect of doing 22 easy paced laps at a track in the morning darkness before work today, so for the first time since resuming running I'll be doing an afternoon, after work, run. Also of some note about where I'll be running is it is the township park where I pulled up on Dec 21st of last year, with my left ankle twinging. I haven't returned to the scene of the injury since. It'll feel a bit odd running over the terrain again where things went bad.<br><br>
I'll also surpass my monthly mileage record during this run.<br><br>
Weather is a bit of a concern. It's sticky warm today and there's a threat of thundershowers later. Oh well, if worst comes to worst and I get thundered out of running, I can go to my back up plan of run tomorrow morning, run short and easy on Saturday and do my usual Saturday long run on Sunday instead.<br><br>
That's all I got for now.
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Morning all! A slow and hard yoga class last night outside in the stickiness that has returned. I think the crabbiness has left my left butt/hip/hammy and I'll get back out for a run tonight. Not sure if it'll included the 3 x 1600 intervals or not ...will need to warm-up first and see how things feel.<br><br><b>((((Doc's Ankle))))</b><br><br><span style="font-size:small;">Congrats on hitting 1000, <b>Solar</b>!<br><br>
And yeah ...8-9:00 bedtimes??? I'm still running at that time and have yet to eat dinner. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Confused"><br><br></span>
Hey kids. I got nothing running/workout wise to report. I am emotionally drained. My BIL asked me to wait till Friday to make a decision on my Princess, he wanted to wait on blood work results and give the steroids some time to work. I went to visit with her last night. She was the same. I saw BIL last night and told him how she was (he was off yesterday) and his face told it all. So I think tonight we will go say goodbye. It was so hard being in the house without her last night, her little buddy just kept roaming from room to room looking for her! So tonight will suck and then tomorrow I will have to plaster a smile on for my friends rehersal dinner and Sat for the wedding. Crap!<br><br>
Thank you so much for the well wishes, the thoughts on and off board. You guys are an amazing bunch and I appreciate every one of you!<br><br>
I promise I will be less self centered next week! Hugs to everyone else who needs them and good runs to all!
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